Thursday, January 1, 2009


i was driving back from ttdi with my sister..
and i played my cd with all my favorite driving songs..
and my 6 cut was
'this is real this is me' by demi lovato..
i was singging..(coz i like dis lagu soo much)
and tbe2 my sister said..
'kak semalam concert new year..suki oam nyanyi lagu ni..
ok tu ok lagi..wait for the next line..
'tapi in die translate..sgt suck!'

before that..i mmg ta suke malaysian singers translate2 english songs ke..japanese ke korean ke..
kalaw wording die sedap tak pe tak kene langsung..somtime it doesnt even rhyme..winter sonata tu..what was it in BM?
..sonata musim translation?..ha..itu ok so yg laen2..sumpah buruk..hate it..big time!

so back to 'sucky' song..
i havent heard so went beck..i teros youtube d song..'suki-siapaku'
and honestly..
cham shit!..Fuck!..mind the language..
beb wa paleng ta suke org tukar2 wa punye favorite song beb..nak kene kee?
but seriously..i curse dat song like crazy..

first..aku mmg tak suke suki..super ta suke..coz to me..she dont deserve to win in d first place..d voice is ok..ta de benda yg wow pon..adik aku pon nyanyi lagi sedap..

secondly..aku bertambah2 tak suke..coz she go n copy the song..and change the wordings..which is horrible..terrible..dear god please....and dat song was my favorite all time..suka-suki je nak ciplak2 ea..dont u hav ur own orginal number..or u just have zero idea..duhhh~

ok i dont care whatever purposes dey translate it to BM..for disney channel ke ape..kenape mesti suki?..bukan a teenage icon kat malaysia pon..and even kalaw nak jugak translate BM..tolongla let the word rhyme..

so senang cite..
i hate suki even more n more..

emo gile athirah..muahhahahha!
memanglaa..favorite song akuuuuuu~

ouh n see this..

its by the philipines..atleast die tak go change the wording and translate it..
now this is cool..

p/s : me n yaya asek gelak gile2..when she sing d last word..siapakuuuuu...and ktorng jawab..kaw suckkiiiiii...hahahhaha!