Sunday, January 18, 2009


went out for karaoke with azmi's family.
@RedBox, the Curve
arrived a bit late..
and super hungry..
so room no.2 it is..sgt VIP ye itu room..
with PS2 games to play..
and makan macam2..
sampai2 abg ajim oredy ordered us chicken chop..
plus other jugak..
teriyaki rice somthing somthing..
noodle in somthing soup..
big huge gigantic prawns with some sauce..i think..
and macam2 ntah..

kak iera and abg ijoy arrived a bit they have company's family day..
i wasnt quite singing..but there's a song..which ktorng sang ramai2..but tbe2 sme mcm slowed down..and sme pandang me!...abg ajim jahat!..he asked jiji and kak iera to diam so ble dgr my voice nyanyi..eeee!
anyway...sme abg ajim banje..!
yeeepie!..thank u abg ajim!

so after karaoke..we went for solat at ikano..
and decided to have superlate lunch @ Waroeng Penyet..

and guess what?
i met ex-bf..
soo long havent seen him..he was with his gf..wanie..'hello waniee!' so good to see them...=)
he was asking fo azmi but azmi,abg ajim n jiji went to the pet safari (animal peoples...duh) too bad i couldnt introduce azmi to izzat..

so anyway..we had lunch..sme org had nasi with ayam penyet..except me!..i had bakso..with soda gembira..yup its F&N merah plus susu pekat..whuteverr~..i thot it should be something nice..wuwu..jiji jahat kate sedap..and suroh sme org rase..hahha!..abah asked me to order somthng else..

abg ijoy n kak iera..they are such a sweet couple..sgt kiyot the way they are with each other..heheh~

mama n abah

abah.abg ajim.jiji!


i wanted to go to the career fair..
planning with wina earlier dat day..
tp keluar karaoke pon da lambat..
makan lagi..last2..ehmm..
sorryyy wina...wuwuwu~..
by the time sy sampai pon..da habes..wuwuuw~
but i really wanna go..but sme pon lost track of time..=(

so, instead..we jalan2 at The Streets..
well actually i walked with mama..tgk2 barang..earings..bangles..brooches..
abah, emi duduk je at a corner..
kak iera and abg ijoy jalan mane some stuff..
jiji went and met aida (aida was happento be there with her segi friends)
abg ajim suda pegi bertemu gadisnya (oopsy..!..eheh)

kemudian selesai bershopping..
sme pon pulang...

i had a great time..
great meal.! great day..!


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