Sunday, January 18, 2009



as i expected.

the boom!

meletup sme benda..


say tak na bitching in d blog..
but i was not the one who started the whole wide world story in blog in d first totally positive about that..*checked d posting*
but in the other hand..instead bitching in d fb..hentam org belakang2..
sgtla mature n tak bitchy..

if u think i sibuk and dengki..funny..
blame d people that told us..bukan ktorng pegi sibok2 tny..'eh dia ape citer a?'
tak de kuase..

sumthng like..jgn pura2 happy..making a fool of myself..
mmg ktorng happy..
as i say..theres up and down..gadoo..sape kate tak gado..mane ade relationship tak gado.
azmi mmg marah2..biasela..i oso marah..lagi teruk kot..kan?..kalaw i salah..marahla..kalaw die salah..i marah..tak tao sape salah pon..marah..haha..but honestly..emi tak penah tempik tempelak like how my exbf did to me before..thank god for that..
tarik muke..merengus2..bebel...
biase la..but we make up..and date macam org baru bercinta..kan?kan?
itu biase..alah ktorng baru lagi..still learning and developing..
like i said..i dont know what lies in future for us..but we selalu hope n tell each other that how we want this to be a happy ending..
but plus..
pictures tells it all..dont u think so?better keep scrolling down until the end of the page..heheh~
but i may sound a lil bit..jealous..m i right?

azmi said to me..'yang..api tak kan nak lawan ngan api..biar je org nak panggil awk ape ke..sukatila..'

sukati la wakk..

as far as im concern..i wasnt being harsh in anyway..kalaw sendri terasa..tak tao la..and i wasnt even calling names or whutsoever not..but i noe u guys have been calling me names..rite? well..obviously..

by the time..i blurted out abt it..the relationship was oredy done with...yes..maybe it make things from bad to mistake..but come to think of wasnt the main issue..rite?

like azmi said..kalaw tak betol..kenape nak melatah..we heard from people..just tell us off..'what u guys heard is wrong..' habes cerite...baek2 kte niat elok..terus jd benci..hmm~

lagi disheartening is..those thats not even in d pics pon..called me al kind of names..but i totally understand..coz dey r much more closer to her..if i was in d situation pun i probably terase tempiasnye..

so dis im saying..
i dont want to even know abt anything to do with whoever it may concern..
people tak perlu cite2 kat ktorng..coz..we dont want to even listen..n hear abt it..
keep it to urself..
coz now its lik a wake-up call..that..we make troubles out if ourselves..
so ya..if u guys na call me names..go ahead..
if u want to buang i jauh2 pon..not a so call friend anymore..its ok.
im done with this.

tata. =)


english teacher said...

since there's no one writing here...i think i should fill in the space ;) your post...both of it is truly must've been pissed when you were writing. i really see the effort that you put in enhancing your english. it took me a few tries to fully understand your posts...but it's a try non the less. however, no matter how you feel, i suggest you should brush up your grammar. it helps your readers understand what you're saying...rather than the gibberish

a thirah i m said...

dear engliash teacher..
thank u soo much for the advice..
im not that good in english..
but at least i tried.. more like..putting words on a tone..the way, tone n sound i pronounce it..i put it in that way..

but thanks anyway for dropping by and read thru those long post of mine..



Anonymous said...

i applaud you for the effort...but maybe next time you wanna bash should try speaking in a language you understand...

readers digest said...

i agree..
your readers will miss your points when you write gibberish..

a thirah i m said...

thanks readers..
but as long as 'd person' could understand..
mission accomplish.
indeed..'d person' did..thats al that matters..