Tuesday, January 20, 2009

what a monday ..

bangon lambat..
sampai kajang around 7.20..shit!~ d trains gonna be off anytime soon..

berlari...maen parking je..d mamak terjerit2 panggil..meybe he was about to say..'hey no parking'..
well..bukan ade sign pon..says 'no parking'..duhh~

i ran thru d gates...
masok2 je..d door was like..'tiiittt..tiittt'
fiuhh.! sempat.!

but..just beberapa minit train bergerak..tbe2 it stops in the middle of the railway..
and people from the front car..starting to occupy ours..
and a chinese lady asked..'what happen?'
'ouhh we smell somthing..n suddenly theres somekind of smoke..'
sme mcm agak risau2..
all i ever think of was..'shit!..im gonna be late..like super!'..
i was not even half way there..and its ordy nearly 8..urghhh!
then an annoucement..'train akan tamat perkhidmatan di stesen serdang.penumpang di minta turun..blablabla...'..
adoyyy~...serdang..is the starting point the train jadi macam sardin..sekali ramai masok..
just imagine..sme turun kat situ..adoyy~.
a train came..tapi mmg tak dapat masok..tu pon da macam ape je sme naek..
so i biar je..tak suke tolak2..rempuh..but its already nearly 8.30!
called papa..papa said amek cab je..sekali..baru nak naek cab..
ade train buruk lame tu ..(intercity)..ntah dr johor ke mane...'gedek..gedek..'
stopped..and a traffic officer was yelling..'KL Sentral sahaja'
so i hop in..n off to work..
waaaaa~..tp bos da tao da..informed her earlier..

ouhh..public transport di malaysia..~..haihh~

geez..what a monday to start...~

but later dat day..went pretty fine..

had dinner with the 2 chipmunks @ beranang..
epul n totok..
den went back home..

i left my room was totally huru hara dat morning..
suda extremely lambat..
so i didnt make up my bed..
lampu sme tak tutup..
even d cupboard door pon terbukak..
towel ntah mane2..
make up stuff was everywhere..
as i got home..

da siap tukar bedsheet!
thank u ma!
and mama pandai..letak red teddy azmi bagi..kat tengah2 bantal..



:: p R i n c E s S _ N :: said...

payoh tol nk nek rain tuh..mcm2 hal..dan2 plak kan time kite tlambat...

a thirah i m said...

tension jee pagi2..~
tp kadang2 bile it goes well..
i prefer it oso..
tak de plak tension jam tiap2 hari..