Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the get together

my exschoolmates back from SAKTI (sains kota tinggi)
had a small get-together..@yankies.bangi the rose among the thorns..hahaha!

epul a.k.a maber a.k.a pudin
and izwan a.k.a totok came over to my house
and i wasnt ready yet..
so dey had a looong chitchat with mama..
and believe me..talking to mama..after one hour..its really reaally dangerous..
y?..coz she'l be starting to blurt out my not-cool things..
yes!..urghhh!..n il screamed..'mamaaaa..tak ya la cite....!'

after asking for permissions from two most important 'yes man' in my life..
papa and azmi..
and dey say..ok..yipppeee!

we went out around 9
konon2 nak kua after maghrib..tapi sme tak gerak2..
so around 9 shoot off to yankie bangi..
and we ordered..foods!..yummmieee!
while waiting for another 3 chipmunks..
goey..udin..and zack..

epul was wearing his incomplete uniform as he is on stand-by mode..
so juuust incase ders a call..he just shoot off from where ever he is..straight to the airport..
ouhh..hes a pilot by the way..
so mind his smartly dressed..

food fiesta : siakap stim. kerapu 3 rasa. asparagus cook in garlic. butter prawn. sotong goreng. tomyam campur. telur bungkus.japanese tauhu..=bloated like hell!

honestly..mase sekolah dulu..i only closed to epul. udin. and zack.
udin n zack was my classmates mase form 4 delima..
aaaanddd epul..yes..believe me what im gonna say next..he's EX..
it was when we're in form 4..we broke up because of sum misunderstanding..miscommunications..and god knows ape 'mis' lagi..
and i swear to god..i hate him like gila! mase keluar from sekola tu..which is 5 years back..
coz i actually dont know what i did wrong..he suddenly dont wanna talk to me..ever!..
and a month after that..hes ordy with sum1 what do u expect me to think..'player'?..exactly!
aaannd after 5 years..surprisingly..he search for my num..and contacted me..and ya..we're cool..
we have confronted the things dat was supposely been cleared 5 years ago..
ya..we take it like..we had a huge fight beck when we're young..coz god want us to be cool and became good friends when we grew up!..correct?
and so we're cool..!..yippeee!
and fyi..he's ordy in a 4 years old relationship..okkay..
and i have an incredibly wonderful boyfriend..
so there is nooo way if u guys have sum other thot..believe me..its never gonna happen..

udin :: goey :: epul d olden days..i barely even talk to them..
and never thot we could hu-ha-ing like gila now..

thats me!--half bloated

lepak with those boys..asek gelak je..
coz dey sangat KATUN..urghh..and joker tu..sangat badut..
dulu mase form 4..kalaw udin and zack wat presentation..
we'l be rolling on the floor laughing..crazy!..

epul :: totok
(this 2 chipmunks had really put on weight i tell u..dlu mereka sgt tuff and a tennis player..and the other is or should i say 'was' a rugby player)

mase form 1 till 3..
my group of gurls sgt gado dgn geng2 goey.udin and zack..
sumpah benci gile diorng dlu..
just imagine this..mase makan lunch kat dewan makan..
tbe2 a flying kuning-telor yang di mushy kat dlm kuah lemak fly through the air and landed baek punya dlm one of our gurls (my table) tray..and kuah splashed all over her tudung..!
betapa jahat and nakal nye diorng!
eeeeeeeeee..sgt mischieve..
and because of this get-together we manage to came clear sape punye angkara itu..
yes after 5 years!
but all those memories..funny2 things we remenisce when we're old..hehhe~

totok :: zack

but bile masok form 4..
the gurls from my group.end up hooking up with every each one of that boys group..
tu laaa benci2..lame2 suke..hehe
well except me la kan..hahahha~

totok :: goey
every batch has dier own name..
so my batch was called..legacy of panthera..the year of tiger..
d batch 2 years below us..was dragons dey was born on 1988 the year of dragon..

(sorry for this disturbing udin was trying to immitate d way gurls always took pics..bongok din!..)

epul blanja..thank u epulll!!!...

went beck around 11 plus..
i had fun..and full!..teeheeheee~

we are currently gathering saktians (especially legacy of panthera batch 9903)
to join us in d next small get-together..ala lepak2 je makan2..fooling and goofing around..and perhaps we could make it a big one!..

legacy of panthera
batch 9903


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

monday blues~

my monday..
was barely nothing..
in d house..
my dad has meeting penduduk
and as the chairman..d meeting was held in my house..
i just stayed upstairs..
khatamkan 90210..

n malam.pegi pasar malam..

dats basically all..


sunny sunday~

sunday was incredibly sunny..
terik gile..
i was so lazy to get out of d house..
but since the whole famly keluar..
so ikot je la..
plus..dapat makan nanti!..

went out to buy yaya's school stuff..
shes d last in my famly dat still wearing turquoise lil skirt..
and heavy text books on d back..
and shes also d only cousin (papa's side) yg still sekola..
and sme org gelak kan die..'sekolah yaya..???'
hahahhahaha!..tape yang...another year to go..
belaja pandai2 patu gi overseas ea..

so we went to metro kajang..
for her black shoes..stationaries..bagpack..
at that point of time..there was a colouring contest held on the center of the mall..
on the stage..where all lil kids with their cool gadgets (i mean color pencils..crayons)..
beria2 colouring..

suddenly i was back in d days
i was say 7 or 8..
and afiq was around 5..both of us entered sum coloring contest at Cheras Leisuremall..
and fyi..masok The Star okkay!..
hahahahhah!..mase tu we couldnt care less abt our faces in d papers..
mama la yg super excited..hahahahha!...
i looveee colouring when i was lil girl..sgt suke crayons..and i hate waterpastel..huhu~
ouhhhh..i was telling afiq about it..and he said..'ye ke?ade ea?..ta ingat..'
of cos he dont remember...he was tiny lil boy..

den we went off to tesco to buy yaya's inner-lil-thingies..
and i oso sempat grab 1 bra !
yippieeee! my main purposes na ikot..which is MAKAN!..
yes..we had KFC for our late lunch!
mama said..'papa da lame tak makan kfc kann?'
elee..padahal mama yg na makan..

ouh! and yaya's bag pack..
its kinda cool..
i loike..

and we went back..
and sesi membasuh keta..
da lame tiara ta squeeky clean macam ni..

and dats how my sunday goes..
ouh besok cuti lagi...

thira food channel

im cooking...
kurma ayam..

Sunday, December 28, 2008

a day with the famly~

continuation from the previous post..the same day..

so after interview carls jr tu..
masok2 keta..azmi said..keta die mati enjin sendri 2x..
and knowing him..he is demm worry about it..
so he called abah..and abah so die hanta workshop immediately!..
baguskan abah..terus hantar..
so we went to the workshop..which is sgt dekat ngan office abah die..

while and abah-nye went for lunch..
der i told him about the job and the offers..
we talk talk and talk..
then went beck to the workshop and i waited nearly an hour..
yup..with my heels on!...
heels in workshop..haha!
keta problem i tink abt the engine..but then tukar brake disc sme skali..
and god knows ape lagi..
i just kept quiet..hehe~
den after that..beck to pantai..

maen2 internet sket..
then i changed..
as we gonna have dinner!
kat sri thai...god i love that place..a heaven of tomyam...perghhhh!
abah booked 2 huge tables..
and the food was..urghhh.heavenn..
even i terpaksa dok meja paleng tua disitu..
with jiji..aida..and cousins2 azmi..
it was extremely bloated..fulstop!

kids table..

den outside at the parking..they were discussing..
tak nak balek lagi..malam maseh mude..hehe~
abg ajim just got beck from die nak berjoli2..
konon2 nak pegi karoke..but its christmas eve..fully book la kan..
siap call 103 for the numbers..and tao2 karoke tu dah roboh..sangat kelakar..
and so dey decided to pegi OU and maen bowling..

obviously saye bukan last yee~
aida ngan mama die yg last...
d way mama die baling..same sebijik macam my mama baling..
and paleng geramnye..jatoh tu pin..ta pulak longkang..
gerammm je...
den after bowl..
malam maseh muda lagi tu..
pegi was nearly 2..or is it..2+ ordy..
tapi sme mate terbeliak je..
but then mama n abah azmi with the kids went off home first..
me.kak ira.abg ijoy.abg ajim.jiji.aida and azmi hang out a lil bit longer..

it was sgt penat..
my day was zupppzaaappp here and there dari pagi..
but i had a blast tho..

tak penah hang out ngan famly bf macam ni..
i dont even got the chance to know them..
dey got to know my famly....and my famly was incredibly nice to them..
but at the end of d day..macam tu la jadinye..
so dis time..
my famly was oso incredibly nice to emi..
and so do his to me..
dey accepted me..and when im with his famly..dey dont treat me as a stranger pon..
he gave me an older sister and brother..
and i gave him a younger sister..
we complete each other!
so i just wanna say that..
i am very very extremely incredibly super happy!
thank u yayang~!
i love you gila gila!

d decision

i had an interview with carls jr supposely..
and i went with emi..
but as i was on my way to emi's house..
the sound of sandcastle disco rang into my ears..
and 'pn delarina' appeared on the screen..
i was like..oh god..!..did i get the job?
yes!..i did!..yippieeee!
my first job offer..god it feels so good!..hehehehe~

i called papa..and told him abt the offer..
'congratulation!'..yeahh!..but then i still have to go to carls jr interview says papa..
and so i went..

had breakfast with emi..roti canai..nyummie..
den off to aman suria..
da lame gile ta pegi situ..
nearly a year kot..
dlu i selalu gi situ pon..
sbb makan kat syed abu..mamak..

so its not that hard to go there..
d hr person told me the long way..and blablablabla..
but i knew the short-cut..hehe~

so fo the first time..i was interviewed by the head of HR..
at first im a lil bit scared..
but then it was ok..hehe..
he told me about carls jr..about what the work is all abt..
he even told me from his do he see me..
im definitely not a reserve person..prefer to be a leader not a follower..
in some reasons..u got that right..hahah!
so he seems interested with me..and he indeed called his operation manager in..and i was been interviewed by the both of em..
and so..i terus dapat keje..

here is what dey had offered me..
starting at 5th jan..
il be in training at the pavillion outlet for 1 month..
then il be transfer to mid outlet..which is the most hectic outlet..
and on march..the 1st 24 hours drive thru carls jr in malaysia will be open up in mines..
yup..which is much much more nearer to my house..
if i perform be transfer there and incharge as the management in there..
for the 1st month ill be getting 1500..but after that il be getting as my expected salary..which is 2000+
sounds interesting huh..i like coz even tho it starts from below..atleast it grows..i dont want if its gonna be a stagnant be rotten as it..
plus carls jr is growing in malaysia..i got the chance to even develop better..
tp tu la..working in f&b..people got no time fo urself..
ul be working seriously hectic..and tiring..
nanti i have no time for myself..except rest n sleep duringmy off shift..

and so. after consultation by my parents..and azmi parents..
.i decided to grab IMR..
even it is in contract basis..i could manage to get 2000 if i have full attandence for the month..
just hope..i could get permanent..
mama azmi said..'nanti ade pencen..'..same je ayat mama saye..
his dad did say die ta penah keje government..
my dad says ok too..
so der goes..IMR it is..


i got friends there......
theres my big sis..kak kerry..would be definitely taking care of me..kan kakk??
and napie..

so ill be starting my work..on d 2nd..

next post please..

sandcastle disco..

my fave song at the moment..

Who would've known, the wind and the sunshine
Would oh baby, baby
Build up these walls of mine
And I can't see you or breathe you
Cause there's trouble right beneath you
It's all in the night
But oh baby, baby
Come pick me up in your ride

I'm a cool low Jane
with the skip on my feet
I play tough as nails
With my heart on my sleeve
I'm nothing but a sand castle
Baby don't blow me away, away

Baby I know, you do that to all the girls
You know that I'm fragile, Ooh
Bay ba ba ba baby, don't blow me away
Baby I know, you do that to all the girls
You know that I'm fragile, Ooh
Bay ba ba ba baby, dont blow me away

Who would've known, the storm of my past time
Would oh baby, make me
Losing the song of the eye
And I can't believe you or read you
Cause there's pleasure in your preview
It's all in your eyes
But oh Mr. Dj, baby
Can you meet me outside

You're an old school dude
With the kick on ya shoes
You've got groove in ya hands
The way you spend those tunes
I'm nothing but a sandcastle
Baby don't blow me away, away

Baby I know, you do that to all the girls
Baby I'm fragile, Ooh
Bay ba ba ba baby, don't blow me away
Baby I know, you do that to all the girls
You know that I'm fragile, Ooh
Bay ba ba ba baby, don't blow me away

Ooh, and just like the ocean
Lays right there behind me
Look over my sandcastle
And there's a sight to see
Don't blow me away
Don't blow me baby

Ooh baby I know, you do that to all the girls
You know that I'm fragile, Ooh
Bay ba ba ba baby, don't blow me away
Baby I know, you do that to all the girls
You know that I'm fragile, Ooh
Bay ba ba ba baby, please don't blow me away

Away, away
Away, away
Away, away

Friday, December 26, 2008

shes 22..

24th december 2008~
my bestie-sampai-mati bday
and she akhirnye turns 22...
(dem aku suda mao 23 da..kaw baru 22 sayang??....heeshh~)

knew her since we were 7..
same2 naek bus uncle pegi sekolah...
pagi2 pukul 6.30 uncle will pick me up dlu..den baru amek shanaz..
tapi sha pandai..mase darjah 6 die class first and aku class second..
mase aku ade crush on helmi (budak futbal)..sha suke ejek2 aku..
'help me ke helmi'..hahah...i still remember..
hari jumaat selalu tunggu bus uncle same2..berderet beg sekolah..konon2 ikot turn nak naek bus..
shanaz dlu librarian..and dekat sekolah agama..die pengawas..
tusyen pon same..
bahagia tusyen lawrence yg sgt best..dan suke bagi lawak2 kotor..

but then as we finished our primary days..
aku pegi boarding skul..dan shanaz pegi CBN..
so we fell apart..wuwuwu~
tapi shanaz budak pandai..and so she futhered into mrsm kuala pilah..
still distance apart..
tp kalaw balek kadang2 jumpe je..
as rumah pon dekat2..

den mase darjah 4..met mai..
dlu tak brape ngam ngan mai..
penah je gadoh2..ala budak2..
tapi at the end..jadi SANGAT sangat sayang sekarang..!

den after secondary..kami 3-3 dpt matrix..
tot na dpt same2..ingt lagi ktorng call each other..but den as mai said aku same matrik ngan die..
aku jerit like crazy!...yippeeeeeeeeeee!!..
tapi sha kat kmns...
jauh lagi!...

after matrik...time fo uni..!
spm..results are out..sha n mai..hebat..!..
mai manage to get into upm..
and now its me n sha pulak!..yipppeee!
but then turns out she decided to further medicine in indonesia..

shanaz..shes just d sweetest creature god ever created...
shes like the sunshine in the morning..
the rainbow after the rain..
and the stars in the dark nite...
she never pull me down in any circumstances..
kalaw pegi shopping and i tried on a pair of jeans and said'
''shit...bontot aku besar la sha...hukhukhukk..nampak gemokk..'
and felt extremely frustrated coz i really lik d jeans..
she'l say..'ta la..bontot besar la best!'..hehhe.and we laugh!
always naikkan semangat aku whenever aku sedey..kecewa..and all those miserable thing~
thank u sayang~
shes d only one yg bole buat aku nanges2 gile2 just becoz i miss her like a lot!
sumtimes when im cried and say..'nak shanaz..!!~~'
coz she just spell out the right word..and buwat hati aku lega..
*sayang..ta caye tanye jep..der is once in his car..heheh~*

we will always be with each other..
and anak2 kite..pon akan jadi besties macam kite juge..
kan sayang??
(tapi ofcos mai kawen dlu..patu kaw..patu baru aku..heheh)

i wanna wish u..
a happy happy wonderful birthday..
u r one of d greatest thing that ever happen to me..
and im grateful to ever know u..and grow old with you nanti..
may all the love and greatness in life revolves around you..
sayang kaw gila gila sampai mati..!

eventho we are far apart..
but we know
we are always in each others heart..
besties sampai mati..


my weekends..
yup i have to work.!
me.mirza.kyrol.kak siti.and sum other gurls..became marshals for sukan bank rakyat..
ok je keje die..
tak la penat sgt pon..
only ders one day u dok kat padang..dr pagi..
dgn asek nak weewee je..nak gi toilet da la jaoh..heesh~

friday morning..
incharge of de registrations..
mcm2 la kerenah...irritated pon ade jugak kadang2 tu..

but den azmi came with leh..
showing off his new rims..
ya so much for the new!
actually abah die soh die anta keta kat jpj for check up or sumthng like dat..
god knows for what jual keta tukar keta kot..oo ooh~..

so sampai2 die kt jpj..a guy came an d told dem dat rim die ni tak lepas jpj ni..
and so dey went to 'sewa' rim kat kedai mane ntah..
seburuk2 tidak rim tu..
so dgn bangganye took pics rim tu..

but just for temporary..
tp tinted mmg ta dapat tolong la kan..
memang kene koyak nye..
sian dieee~
ta pe nanti wat balek ea..
lagi gelap yang!!

saturday was relax day..
ta on duty pon..
but sunday....sunburnt..yes!

i was on d field with ija and vanessa..
jaga netball..
and final die wilayah tengah vs wilayah selatan..
well im half tengah half selatan..
so how??
but since selatan ade pakcik rongak yg kecoh gile..n sgt irritated..
so i chose to be on wilayah tengah sides..and dey won!!..

sunday was a bit tiring..
but my weekend was fun tho!..
plus duet masok maaa~

5 seconds

i just love spending time.crapping up.mushy u!

d interview

my fes interview..with marcus evans..
technically my 2nd..counted d phone interview..
woke up early..shoot off to umah azmi..
had breakfast with him n leh..
den around 9+ bergerak ke marcus evans..
i was a bit nervous..
ok..alot..! major..! extremely on my nerves..!
i was rehearsing my so-called speeach in the car..
and azmi hold my hand..huhoo~

we arrive a lil bit early..
so we chill2 jap dlm keta..den up to 21st floor..
i filled up the forms..and as a man n a lady approached me..
mr rozli n miss sherice..i stood up and shake hands..'athirah'..nape susah sgt na sebut name sendri..dem...
azmi waited outside..(ouh fogot to mention..he was smartly dressed...hehhe.handsome la yayang~) he waited outside sambil cuci2 mate tgk amoi2 chantek..

den we headed beck to pantai..
i changed..and to the

bukan ape pon..jalan2..
den sat in carls and had chilli fries..
and snap pics..making silly2 no ones bussiness..

den went window shop..
azmi na carik shirt..

a giant christmass treeee...weeeee!

den tbe2 mirza call saying dat tonite ade meeting..
ouh post please.!


teringin makan laksa lagi..
yayangg na laksa...
d last time pegi makan dgn azmi..
hes not a big fan of laksa..
but he layan je i na makan..
he terpaksa makan benda laen..
siannn die..~
antie sy banje makan ea..
tunggu next month sy dpt gaji..!

hair makeover~

da lame pic ni dlm fon emi.
so tatadadaaa~
transformation of thira's hair into a poodle-like...

menjadi ini... tatadaaaa~

mase buat buruk nye...
thank god it turns out to be expected..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

cherating (part2)

as for the last nite in cherating..
we had dinner at one of the seaside seafood restaurant in cherating..
the food was ok..
and i was bloated like gila!

then went beck to the hotel..
and maen foosball anak beranak..
mama ta reti seeing he strunggling sangat kiot!...
sangat kelaka...
yaya tukang amek pics je...

the next day..woke up early...breakfast..packed up..
and snap2 pics fo d last time..
ntah bile la nak sampai sini i seldom pegi pantai timur..

tata cherating~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

taggy waggy

di tag kak kerry da lame gile..

Nama : athirah
Sisters : 1
Brother : 1
Shoe size : 6
Heights : 156 kot...ta tahuuu...

Where do u live : semenyihhhhh~
Have you ever been on a plane : quite sumtime ago..
Swam in the ocean: ta tahuuu swimmm...
Fallen asleep at school: like alwayss
Broken someone’s heart : pernah kot...
Fell off your chair : ha ni..ta penah kot...
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : ye pernahh!
Saved e-mails : yes..yg penting2 je..
What is your room like : well done..ehehe~

What’s right beside you: my fon..
What is the last thing you ate: nasi lauk kari ikan...
Chicken pox : i was 10
Sore throat : jarang....
Stitches : yes!..on my right palm..
Broken nose : nooo~
Do you Believe in love at first sight : maybe~
Like picnics: sukeee!....
last person you danced with: yayang~

Last made you smile: pagi tadi before my car brokedown..! then turns into shited~
You last yelled at : my car..tadi..geram sangatt~
Today did you…to someone you like : talk..n smile..
Kissed anyone : yayang..jadik starfish melekat kat pipi dieee!..hehe~

Get sick : migrain and asthma..and sumtime in d head..hahah~
Talk to an ex : well..i did..and we're good...
Miss someone : yayannnnnnggggg~

Who do you really hate: my ex bf yg tak nak bayar utang aku tu..sumpang benci tgk muke!
Do you like your hand-writing : so so..ok la...hahha~
Are your toe nails painted : now? sumtime when d moon is full..yes!
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : yaya..sbb katil die queen size..and she became my bloster..
What color shirt are you wearing now :purple..i loike!
Are you a friendly person : in some circumstances yes!
Do you have any pets : supposely ade a hamster..yayang jaga not an animal person okkay~
Do you sleep with the TV on : yes.

What are you doing right now : answering this..ym with Roy (my senior from die na aku tolong die rekemen kat my uncle who is one of the ceo in misc berhad..nak? bayar la ye aku tolong!)
Can you handle the truth : its kinda hard..n hurtful..but.kene jugak telan at the end of d day..
Are you closer to your mother or father : mother
Do you eat healthy : hahaha..tu je mampu respond..

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : ade 2 je..lokhman n maber..and erie (konon2 adik angkat mase kat sekola..haih zaman2 ntah hape2..hahah) was in my diary since yg penting say no to the faces of org yg ta na bayar utang aku tu!..anyway..alaa simpan je..mama kate wat kenangan..aha!
If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : khairil azmi khairuddin....coz i only sejuk ati in his arm..huhu~
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : extremely..LOUD!
Are you confident : yes..n still developing..

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
~baru masok boarding school...
~probably tga nanges2..konon2 homesick..
~baru nak carik2 kawan n mingle around...
~having a crush on someone oredy..gatal kan aku..ahahahha!
~d best transition in my life..dr budak2..konon2 nak masok teenage..trying to make frens..and d memories kat sekolah is d best!

5 things I would do if i were a billionaire:
~travel around europe!
~buy myself an incredibly expensive car..
~sponsor d whole famly pegi makkah
~fly now! to indon to see sha-yang~
~melabur so that i can be a zillionaire...hahaha~..tamak gile..kekekek!

5 of my bad habits:
~suke membazir electricity!
~suke manyak ckp n cakap laju bile im hyper active..n whem im excited into sumthing..
~suke mengade2 jadik mcm budak kecik..manja terlebey2 ngan azmi..
~marah org bile drive sendri bwk laju..hehe~
~memilih!..saye nak jamban cangkung je (except jamban duduk ruma sendri)..and kalaw jamban petrol kiosk..only certain petrol kiosk je..demand kan muntut aku..ahahaha~

5 places I’ve lived/living

5 things I feel grateful
~having a great big famly
~having a wonderful circle of friends
~having azmi and his incredibly wonderful famly..i just wish one day dey'l be mine too~
~having sha n mai as my besties sampai mati!
~able to breath the air till now..and having even more greatness in life!


i would elaborate mo on how my weekend went..
coz pics kat dlm fon emi..
n kat ija..

il update bout it soon...

but heres a gist of mostly evrything..

1. marcus evans 1st f2f interview-did ok i guess..thanks to emi sbb tmnkan..hehehe~
2. sukan bank rakyat~
3. futsal batch staroba...
4. my weeweee problem...
5. the get together.
6. netball~

i ges thats basically it..

so itu KIV dlu ea..

Monday, December 22, 2008

taggy waggy


1. Cita-cita kamu?
having a stable career..wonderful family..

2. Mana lebih penting, Boyfriend atau Kawan?
it depends..if da make plans with mane2 dlu..itu la dlu..unless in sum circumstances yg penting n tak ble di elakkan..

3. Berapa kali pernah terfikir untuk membunuh diri?
couple of tymes..hahhaha

4. Yakin dengan diri kamu?
sumtimes..if benda tu i betol2 tahu n be 100% confident..but if im not..50-50..but still we have to look like 100 rite..

5. Berapa ramai anak yang diidam2kan?
4..2 boys 2 gurls..

6. Percaya pelangi akan sentiasa muncul selepas hujan?
definitely!...suke rainbow..coz it makes people smile..n say..'tgk tu rainbowww!!!'

7. Target untuk tahun ini?
da ujong tahon ble ke tahun depan?..tahun depan..suda mule berkerja..!..yippeee!....

8. Percaya pada cinta?
of coss!..

9. Siri TV kegemaran?
how i met your mother.gossip girl.

10. Perkara yang paling ditakuti?

11. Perangai buruk yang sukar dikikis?
selalu kene marah ngan papa sbb bazir! sy penakot gelap!..coz evrytime as i mao pegi mane2 dlm umah tu..i will open up d switches along d way. from dining to switch on lamupu dining.lampu tangga.lampu hall atas.lampu bilik.lampu toilet.n as im going down.switching of in reverse order..n tido mesti bukak lampu.unles da tido gile2..ta sedar n orang tutup lampu..hahah~
and d worse..suke wat last minute..but im trying to overcome it..believe me!

12. Sepatah dua kata untuk orang yang membenci kamu?
ape salah saye?..hahaha~..drama2..i just couldnt care less..

13. Hargai setiap persahabatan?

14. Maksud 'flying' untuk kamu?

15. Perkara yang paling diidam2kan?
tour d whole of europe...with u..!

16. Apa hadiah yang tidak diduga akan diterima dan bila?
kalaw ta diduga..chamne na tau bile?..

17. 5 tentang family kamu..
papa...garang..takott woooo~...
mama..sgt friendly sampai postmen hntr surat pagi die ajak datang open hse petang tu..
yaya..dlu tomboi..skang..peewittt~
and mereka sme love me!

18. Perkara yang membuatkan diri kamu gembira?
bile kelua dating tanpa gangguan..n he keeps making me laugh all day long..n melekat cham starfish kat pipi saye~

19. Siapa kamu 10 tahun akan datang?
wife. mother.

20. percaya..
things happen for a reason..either for better or for worst..

QA #2.

Rule 1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any questions that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

Rule 2 Tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tag by continuing this game by sending it to other people.

1. Rahsia terbesar dalam diri?
its..for me to know..n u to find out..ahaha~

2. Perkara yang ada dalam fikiran sekarang?
banyak sangat..and tga sort things out from my brain..

3. Pengertian 'long relationship' untuk kamu waktu sekarang?​
more than 4 years perhaps..

4. Perancangan dalam minggu ni?​
see my organizer..wuuuu~

5. Sesiapa yang 'overprotective' terhadap diri kamu?
sme tak overprotective..protective yes..over?noo~..neither my famly nor yayang~..sme ok je~

6. Lagu kegemaran semasa?​

7. ​Siapa tidur sebilik dengan kamu?
saye tdo sorg in my room..~

8. Status sekarang akan berubah esok?​
noooo lahh~

9. Memakai sebarang aksesori?​
i loooove accessories..but im wearing a purple bangle now~..


10. Orang terakhir naik kereta bersama kamu?​

11. Orang terakhir kamu cium?​

12. ​Orang terakhir call kamu?

13. ​Orang terakhir SMS kamu?

14. ​Orang terakhir kamu mimpikan?​

15. Orang2 yang kamu mau tag?
tagged by dila..maw tag...chanaz...kak kerry...ain..sape..dan sape..cukup 5 orang..

Thursday, December 18, 2008


its 5.48 am..
i dozed off early lasnite so i could get up early n study fo d interview today..
but now..suda sleepy balek...~

yayang suda pasti still in his comforter..
n i wouldnt wanna wake him up..sbb karang die jadi driver..
so let him rest a lil bit longer..

im gonna shoot off early say around 7 plus..
s kami kene meredah jam yg banyak...
im going fo the interview at marcus evans in jln sultan ismail..
i wasnt that familiar with the road n let the king of

tomorro supposely im gonna be a volunteer in some sport event in UM..thanks to mirza..
but i probably gonna have another interview with astro..

let tomorro decides..

but as for today..!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


i sat in my living and watch movies..
its the christmas mood..
soo most of the show is on christmas thingy~

n i just came across this one nice christmas song..
all i want for christmas is you..
sgt catchy..

i remember when i was growing up beck in cheras..
ruma sebelah was a couple..
uncle remy and aunty margaret..
everytime christmas comes..
theres a lil christmas tree with all the cute lil ornaments hanging..
and der would be choir singing christmas songs on the eve..
and aunty margaret would be the pianist..
*i took my piano lesson with her by the way*

so i just wanna wish all my frens and you who's reading this n will be celebrating christmas..
a happy merry christmass!
have a bless n joyful one ya peeps!

Monday, December 15, 2008


ya 5 a row..
*please do scroll dwn 5 it is started from down..hehhe*

im at The Legend, Cherating...the lobby..
with my bro..

im in vacation..
but i have to worry about my interview next week..

but i had a blast here..
i just hope it never ends..

and i mis u yayang~
a lotttt!

later peeps..!


woke up @ 9..
went for breakfast just near by Legend..

den we went for a drive to terengganu..kemaman..
went to teluk mak nik..or in english...Monica huh..mak nik jadi monica..fuyooo!

den stopped to buy those keropok leko..n blabla.....
ouh n we tried... sata..technically..i was my fes..ahahah~

den went beck..n rest...

it was stayed un d room n studied for my interview...

den pas ujan..
gi jalan2 tepi pantai...

mama la orang paleng happy tgk laut..hhehe~

den went up mandi2...kat pool...

den ujan....had a cup of tea..cakes..

and we continue fo tommoro stuff later ea..
need to go beck to d room..
later peeps..