Sunday, December 28, 2008

a day with the famly~

continuation from the previous post..the same day..

so after interview carls jr tu..
masok2 keta..azmi said..keta die mati enjin sendri 2x..
and knowing him..he is demm worry about it..
so he called abah..and abah so die hanta workshop immediately!..
baguskan abah..terus hantar..
so we went to the workshop..which is sgt dekat ngan office abah die..

while and abah-nye went for lunch..
der i told him about the job and the offers..
we talk talk and talk..
then went beck to the workshop and i waited nearly an hour..
yup..with my heels on!...
heels in workshop..haha!
keta problem i tink abt the engine..but then tukar brake disc sme skali..
and god knows ape lagi..
i just kept quiet..hehe~
den after that..beck to pantai..

maen2 internet sket..
then i changed..
as we gonna have dinner!
kat sri thai...god i love that place..a heaven of tomyam...perghhhh!
abah booked 2 huge tables..
and the food was..urghhh.heavenn..
even i terpaksa dok meja paleng tua disitu..
with jiji..aida..and cousins2 azmi..
it was extremely bloated..fulstop!

kids table..

den outside at the parking..they were discussing..
tak nak balek lagi..malam maseh mude..hehe~
abg ajim just got beck from die nak berjoli2..
konon2 nak pegi karoke..but its christmas eve..fully book la kan..
siap call 103 for the numbers..and tao2 karoke tu dah roboh..sangat kelakar..
and so dey decided to pegi OU and maen bowling..

obviously saye bukan last yee~
aida ngan mama die yg last...
d way mama die baling..same sebijik macam my mama baling..
and paleng geramnye..jatoh tu pin..ta pulak longkang..
gerammm je...
den after bowl..
malam maseh muda lagi tu..
pegi was nearly 2..or is it..2+ ordy..
tapi sme mate terbeliak je..
but then mama n abah azmi with the kids went off home first..
me.kak ira.abg ijoy.abg ajim.jiji.aida and azmi hang out a lil bit longer..

it was sgt penat..
my day was zupppzaaappp here and there dari pagi..
but i had a blast tho..

tak penah hang out ngan famly bf macam ni..
i dont even got the chance to know them..
dey got to know my famly....and my famly was incredibly nice to them..
but at the end of d day..macam tu la jadinye..
so dis time..
my famly was oso incredibly nice to emi..
and so do his to me..
dey accepted me..and when im with his famly..dey dont treat me as a stranger pon..
he gave me an older sister and brother..
and i gave him a younger sister..
we complete each other!
so i just wanna say that..
i am very very extremely incredibly super happy!
thank u yayang~!
i love you gila gila!


KereLL said...

i love u too~ ^_^

a thirah i m said...

i love u twee fo fai..~