Tuesday, December 16, 2008


i sat in my living and watch movies..
its the christmas mood..
soo most of the show is on christmas thingy~

n i just came across this one nice christmas song..
all i want for christmas is you..
sgt catchy..

i remember when i was growing up beck in cheras..
ruma sebelah was a couple..
uncle remy and aunty margaret..
everytime christmas comes..
theres a lil christmas tree with all the cute lil ornaments hanging..
and der would be choir singing christmas songs on the eve..
and aunty margaret would be the pianist..
*i took my piano lesson with her by the way*

so i just wanna wish all my frens and you who's reading this n will be celebrating christmas..
a happy merry christmass!
have a bless n joyful one ya peeps!

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