Thursday, December 18, 2008


its 5.48 am..
i dozed off early lasnite so i could get up early n study fo d interview today..
but now..suda sleepy balek...~

yayang suda pasti still in his comforter..
n i wouldnt wanna wake him up..sbb karang die jadi driver..
so let him rest a lil bit longer..

im gonna shoot off early say around 7 plus..
s kami kene meredah jam yg banyak...
im going fo the interview at marcus evans in jln sultan ismail..
i wasnt that familiar with the road n let the king of

tomorro supposely im gonna be a volunteer in some sport event in UM..thanks to mirza..
but i probably gonna have another interview with astro..

let tomorro decides..

but as for today..!!