Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the get together

my exschoolmates back from SAKTI (sains kota tinggi)
had a small get-together..@yankies.bangi the rose among the thorns..hahaha!

epul a.k.a maber a.k.a pudin
and izwan a.k.a totok came over to my house
and i wasnt ready yet..
so dey had a looong chitchat with mama..
and believe me..talking to mama..after one hour..its really reaally dangerous..
y?..coz she'l be starting to blurt out my not-cool things..
yes!..urghhh!..n il screamed..'mamaaaa..tak ya la cite....!'

after asking for permissions from two most important 'yes man' in my life..
papa and azmi..
and dey say..ok..yipppeee!

we went out around 9
konon2 nak kua after maghrib..tapi sme tak gerak2..
so around 9 shoot off to yankie bangi..
and we ordered..foods!..yummmieee!
while waiting for another 3 chipmunks..
goey..udin..and zack..

epul was wearing his incomplete uniform as he is on stand-by mode..
so juuust incase ders a call..he just shoot off from where ever he is..straight to the airport..
ouhh..hes a pilot by the way..
so mind his smartly dressed..

food fiesta : siakap stim. kerapu 3 rasa. asparagus cook in garlic. butter prawn. sotong goreng. tomyam campur. telur bungkus.japanese tauhu..=bloated like hell!

honestly..mase sekolah dulu..i only closed to epul. udin. and zack.
udin n zack was my classmates mase form 4 delima..
aaaanddd epul..yes..believe me what im gonna say next..he's EX..
it was when we're in form 4..we broke up because of sum misunderstanding..miscommunications..and god knows ape 'mis' lagi..
and i swear to god..i hate him like gila! mase keluar from sekola tu..which is 5 years back..
coz i actually dont know what i did wrong..he suddenly dont wanna talk to me..ever!..
and a month after that..hes ordy with sum1 what do u expect me to think..'player'?..exactly!
aaannd after 5 years..surprisingly..he search for my num..and contacted me..and ya..we're cool..
we have confronted the things dat was supposely been cleared 5 years ago..
ya..we take it like..we had a huge fight beck when we're young..coz god want us to be cool and became good friends when we grew up!..correct?
and so we're cool..!..yippeee!
and fyi..he's ordy in a 4 years old relationship..okkay..
and i have an incredibly wonderful boyfriend..
so there is nooo way if u guys have sum other thot..believe me..its never gonna happen..

udin :: goey :: epul d olden days..i barely even talk to them..
and never thot we could hu-ha-ing like gila now..

thats me!--half bloated

lepak with those boys..asek gelak je..
coz dey sangat KATUN..urghh..and joker tu..sangat badut..
dulu mase form 4..kalaw udin and zack wat presentation..
we'l be rolling on the floor laughing..crazy!..

epul :: totok
(this 2 chipmunks had really put on weight i tell u..dlu mereka sgt tuff and a tennis player..and the other is or should i say 'was' a rugby player)

mase form 1 till 3..
my group of gurls sgt gado dgn geng2 goey.udin and zack..
sumpah benci gile diorng dlu..
just imagine this..mase makan lunch kat dewan makan..
tbe2 a flying kuning-telor yang di mushy kat dlm kuah lemak fly through the air and landed baek punya dlm one of our gurls (my table) tray..and kuah splashed all over her tudung..!
betapa jahat and nakal nye diorng!
eeeeeeeeee..sgt mischieve..
and because of this get-together we manage to came clear sape punye angkara itu..
yes after 5 years!
but all those memories..funny2 things we remenisce when we're old..hehhe~

totok :: zack

but bile masok form 4..
the gurls from my group.end up hooking up with every each one of that boys group..
tu laaa benci2..lame2 suke..hehe
well except me la kan..hahahha~

totok :: goey
every batch has dier own name..
so my batch was called..legacy of panthera..the year of tiger..
d batch 2 years below us..was dragons dey was born on 1988 the year of dragon..

(sorry for this disturbing udin was trying to immitate d way gurls always took pics..bongok din!..)

epul blanja..thank u epulll!!!...

went beck around 11 plus..
i had fun..and full!..teeheeheee~

we are currently gathering saktians (especially legacy of panthera batch 9903)
to join us in d next small get-together..ala lepak2 je makan2..fooling and goofing around..and perhaps we could make it a big one!..

legacy of panthera
batch 9903


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-Melissa Rina- said...

whoa!! cool ner~ nak join gak!! bile next get together stuff?? haha.. anyway totok ngan pudin mmg da berisi betol!!