Sunday, December 28, 2008

d decision

i had an interview with carls jr supposely..
and i went with emi..
but as i was on my way to emi's house..
the sound of sandcastle disco rang into my ears..
and 'pn delarina' appeared on the screen..
i was like..oh god..!..did i get the job?
yes!..i did!..yippieeee!
my first job offer..god it feels so good!..hehehehe~

i called papa..and told him abt the offer..
'congratulation!'..yeahh!..but then i still have to go to carls jr interview says papa..
and so i went..

had breakfast with emi..roti canai..nyummie..
den off to aman suria..
da lame gile ta pegi situ..
nearly a year kot..
dlu i selalu gi situ pon..
sbb makan kat syed abu..mamak..

so its not that hard to go there..
d hr person told me the long way..and blablablabla..
but i knew the short-cut..hehe~

so fo the first time..i was interviewed by the head of HR..
at first im a lil bit scared..
but then it was ok..hehe..
he told me about carls jr..about what the work is all abt..
he even told me from his do he see me..
im definitely not a reserve person..prefer to be a leader not a follower..
in some reasons..u got that right..hahah!
so he seems interested with me..and he indeed called his operation manager in..and i was been interviewed by the both of em..
and so..i terus dapat keje..

here is what dey had offered me..
starting at 5th jan..
il be in training at the pavillion outlet for 1 month..
then il be transfer to mid outlet..which is the most hectic outlet..
and on march..the 1st 24 hours drive thru carls jr in malaysia will be open up in mines..
yup..which is much much more nearer to my house..
if i perform be transfer there and incharge as the management in there..
for the 1st month ill be getting 1500..but after that il be getting as my expected salary..which is 2000+
sounds interesting huh..i like coz even tho it starts from below..atleast it grows..i dont want if its gonna be a stagnant be rotten as it..
plus carls jr is growing in malaysia..i got the chance to even develop better..
tp tu la..working in f&b..people got no time fo urself..
ul be working seriously hectic..and tiring..
nanti i have no time for myself..except rest n sleep duringmy off shift..

and so. after consultation by my parents..and azmi parents..
.i decided to grab IMR..
even it is in contract basis..i could manage to get 2000 if i have full attandence for the month..
just hope..i could get permanent..
mama azmi said..'nanti ade pencen..'..same je ayat mama saye..
his dad did say die ta penah keje government..
my dad says ok too..
so der goes..IMR it is..


i got friends there......
theres my big sis..kak kerry..would be definitely taking care of me..kan kakk??
and napie..

so ill be starting my work..on d 2nd..

next post please..

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*Kerry said...

sape nak jaga kamu??
jaga diri sendiri ye
bersiap sedia la untuk di BULI
*gelak jahat*