Tuesday, December 30, 2008

sunny sunday~

sunday was incredibly sunny..
terik gile..
i was so lazy to get out of d house..
but since the whole famly keluar..
so ikot je la..
plus..dapat makan nanti!..

went out to buy yaya's school stuff..
shes d last in my famly dat still wearing turquoise lil skirt..
and heavy text books on d back..
and shes also d only cousin (papa's side) yg still sekola..
and sme org gelak kan die..'sekolah yaya..???'
hahahhahaha!..tape yang...another year to go..
belaja pandai2 patu gi overseas ea..

so we went to metro kajang..
for her black shoes..stationaries..bagpack..
at that point of time..there was a colouring contest held on the center of the mall..
on the stage..where all lil kids with their cool gadgets (i mean color pencils..crayons)..
beria2 colouring..

suddenly i was back in d days
i was say 7 or 8..
and afiq was around 5..both of us entered sum coloring contest at Cheras Leisuremall..
and fyi..masok The Star okkay!..
hahahahhah!..mase tu we couldnt care less abt our faces in d papers..
mama la yg super excited..hahahahha!...
i looveee colouring when i was lil girl..sgt suke crayons..and i hate waterpastel..huhu~
ouhhhh..i was telling afiq about it..and he said..'ye ke?ade ea?..ta ingat..'
of cos he dont remember...he was tiny lil boy..

den we went off to tesco to buy yaya's inner-lil-thingies..
and i oso sempat grab 1 bra !
aandd..as my main purposes na ikot..which is MAKAN!..
yes..we had KFC for our late lunch!
mama said..'papa da lame tak makan kfc kann?'
elee..padahal mama yg na makan..

ouh! and yaya's bag pack..
its kinda cool..
i loike..

and we went back..
and sesi membasuh keta..
da lame tiara ta squeeky clean macam ni..

and dats how my sunday goes..
ouh besok cuti lagi...

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