Friday, December 26, 2008

d interview

my fes interview..with marcus evans..
technically my 2nd..counted d phone interview..
woke up early..shoot off to umah azmi..
had breakfast with him n leh..
den around 9+ bergerak ke marcus evans..
i was a bit nervous..
ok..alot..! major..! extremely on my nerves..!
i was rehearsing my so-called speeach in the car..
and azmi hold my hand..huhoo~

we arrive a lil bit early..
so we chill2 jap dlm keta..den up to 21st floor..
i filled up the forms..and as a man n a lady approached me..
mr rozli n miss sherice..i stood up and shake hands..'athirah'..nape susah sgt na sebut name sendri..dem...
azmi waited outside..(ouh fogot to mention..he was smartly dressed...hehhe.handsome la yayang~) he waited outside sambil cuci2 mate tgk amoi2 chantek..

den we headed beck to pantai..
i changed..and to the

bukan ape pon..jalan2..
den sat in carls and had chilli fries..
and snap pics..making silly2 no ones bussiness..

den went window shop..
azmi na carik shirt..

a giant christmass treeee...weeeee!

den tbe2 mirza call saying dat tonite ade meeting..
ouh post please.!

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