Monday, January 12, 2009

taggy waggy

wow nearly a week since my last update..

i just started working..
starting to tune myself in waking up early (as early as 5 oclock in the morning!)
setelah sekian lama tak bgn se awal itu ye..
and tuning myself with malaysia's public transports..(and keep stressing about it)

even work load belom dasyat lagi..

but the tuning up part
to the really..tiring..

plus my grandma just past away..
last tuesday..
we talk about that later..

aaanyway..i have phonecall to do..
but kak kerry da bising..bile nak update blog..

so the easiest and less-time consuming post is..
taggy waggy..
coz kalaw na wat an entry..kene upload pics sme..
n d pics belom ready lagi..
and since 2 mamat suda tag saye..(napie n matchek)..

gez i have to do it la..
(alasan) goes..

7 facts about me;

1. Born on 26 march 1986
2. kepala mcm budak2..growing up!
3. Was away from home since 12..
4. Love Music, Sing and Dance
5. Love Cross-stitches, handmade stuffs..(learning on knitting)
6. Im big size with curly hair.
7. Not Single, In love and Happy.

7 things that scares me;

1. Alone
2. Papa Marah
3. Khairil Azmi..diam n tarik muka..
4. Doing things that not suppose to unintentionally..and affects others..
5. Bos tanye update..
6. Dark
7. Insects..things that could fly and moving fast..lagi2 lipas..!

7 songs for now;

1. Little Jackie - The World Should Revolve Around Me
2. El Debarge - 1980 Rhythm of the night
3. Grover Washington Jr - Jazz n Soul music
4. Paramore - CrushCrushCrush
5. Ari Lasso n Bunga - Aku dan Dirimu
6. Taylor Swift - Love Story
7. Paramore - Misery Bussiness

7 things i usually say;

2. hello..yes?
3. ni athirah..assistant pn delarina..(internal calls)
4. im athirah from GlobinMed IMR, i suppose sir, i have to request a write-up from you..
5. ouh shit!..shited..dem gile..
6. hold on ya..alright thank you very much..have a nice day..
7. i love you yayang~..

7 most precious thing;

1. Families
2. Khairil Azmi Khairuddin
3. ShaMai
4. Phone
5. Lappy
6. The Good Old Days..

7. Black Tiara

ppl i tag;

kak kerry

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