Friday, January 30, 2009

holiday vacation. part III

so the next day..which is the third day..
nothing much..paklong went back to JB..
so there goes d karaoke set..!..wuwuw...
morning we had american breakfast..with sausages..scramble eggs..nasi goreng pon ade so tak mat saleh sangat la..

today we just the balcony..while i continue meng-crosstitch my lil project..

ouh and i finish another mini project..a lil bookmark..for kak aini..

and we played with sufya..yang suke nangis skang..and kaki mengadu..!..nasib baek kiyot..kalaw tak..ciom sampai lemas..haha~

then in the evening..we went sight seeing kat i brought them to tanjung balau..where dlu mase sekolah2..kat situ we buat camping..barbeque..class trip and whatsoever.

angin superr my hair went gila!..thank god i terfikir nak bawak my roxy cap..kalaw tak..ayoo..

and since its red flag..means.tidak dibenarkan bermandi manda..bahaya! ramai gile just sit around..and fly kites..and mamat2 rempit was on the beach site..merempit..wat racing kat situ..terok betol!..they tot they r so cool..but actually they are soo not..

and since angin sangat kuat..and sufya sangat sejok..i gave her my pashmina..and bungkus her with it..and she look soo cute...until she muntah on my pashmina..!..tu dr bali tao tak..nak kene tao si kecik nii...

and snapping pictures..lagi dan lagi..
in the night..

since takde karaoke..we played cards..gin rummy..

slept around 2 plus..

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