Sunday, January 18, 2009

in memories~

my atok..
(papa's side)
went and left us all

5th january 2009
she was 83

she went peacefully at home.

went alone to the house to met her on d 31st december for her bday..
and on d 1st of jan with my family

i sempat to salam her and say
'kakak balik dlu tok ea..byebye..'
and she say byebye...~

oh tears starting to run down..

she was living with my family for 10 years..
since i was lil..

still remember..

dlu i love to play doctor2..
and she always jadi my pesakit..
mama said..
il take her temperature..
'atok demam ni..'
and bagi ubat..
suruh nganga mulut..die nganga..
siap angkat kepala die and bagi makan ubat..
die layankan je..


one thing i ta sempat..
to introduce azmi to her..

i sempat tolong mandikan jenazah die
be there through out the process and all..
and di kebumikan at perkuburan islam mont kiara

she left
7 kids..4 girls 3 boys..(papa was d youngest)
11 grandchildren..
1 great-grandchild.

she did a really good job..
al the kids had good educations
most were overseas grads.
and grown up with great professions..
great families..

we love you atok..
soo much~

.u'l always be with us.


Anonymous said...

im sury im not der fo u wif u.
noe dat i love u so much ok.


a thirah i m said...

thank u soo much sayang..
i forever love u tooo..