Friday, January 30, 2009


today..nuthing much happen..
since i ta de meeting...just stayed in my office..typing..
napie je ade meeting..ngehegehe..and kaw kene wat minute kan napie kan??!
so..since its friday and lunch time yg panjang..
me, and kak lin went to JAKEL to shop some fabric utk wat baju..
kak lin bot for herself a nice 2 tone pink chiffon..for a wedding..
while me.. tga survey2 nice fabric for my baju convocation nanti!
at first na pakai baju kebaya..kaen yang emi bg..but..i tink nanti bile pakai robe tu..
da tak nampak kebaya nye..pendek kan..(takpe tu buat raye ea yang..)
so i was thinking of buat kurung moden je..kain plain..and hantar jahit manik..kat leher..lengan and hujung baju..
and saye da survey2 and kire2..i have to allocate rm300!..
or maybe i ble blaja jahit manik dgn kak khairul..and jahit my own design!..yes!
save rm170!

i da survey2 kat JAKEL..and i found a nice turqoise blue chiffon..with chiffon jojet kind of fabric for its gonna be two layers of chiffons..and its gonna be sangat chantekkkk!..
kak lin likes it tooo..!
tp still tga survey..what color best suits me..heheh~
then went to sogo and had KYROS KEBAB..nyummmy!


i have a row of new posts..
and i leave u guys for the rest of the weekend with this song..
it was originally from radiohead..lagu die cam emo2 gitu..
but this richard cheese..he had turn it into some jazzy tune..and catchy..
and i loike it soo much..
sbb saye ta layan lagu2 emo sangat..heheh~
and im soo into jazz..and blues..and souls.. listening to it in the car...and on my phone...throughout my journey to work..hehe~

(the spoken n last part wasnt in this particular song that i autoplayed..but version yang i have in my lappy ade dat part..but in imeem takde plak that version..but was cute!)

You know folks, I was talking with my honey the other day, my Pablo Honey, I said to her, I said, "Pablo Honey", I said, I said, "You go to my Radiohead."
OK Computer!

When you were here before
I couldn't look you in the eye.
You're just like an angel.
Your skin makes me cry.

You float like a feather
In a beautiful world.
I wish I was special.
You're so frickin' special.

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo
What the heck am I doing here?
I don't belong here.
No, no, no, no!

Whatever makes you happy
Whatever you want
You're so very special
I'll have that special

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo
What the heck am I doing here?
I don't belong here.

I'm a creep, I'm a nutjob
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here...
I don't belong here.

Fitter, happier, more productive, comfortable, not drinking too much, a pig in a cage on antibiotics!

Thank you!

have a wonderful weekend!

p/s: today mao pegi dating..yeehaa!..(ta de la dating sangat..mama abah n jiji ade..woopsie!)


ka-ii said...

ya allah. lagu kesukaan saya tuh.

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