Sunday, February 1, 2009

taggy waggy

its sunday..
just sent my lil sister to UM for Bengkel SPM Skor A.. jadi mama harini..pegi carik kaunter..and kuarkan money from my purse to pay the registration..
soo like mamaa....hahhahha!
but jadi hot mama..! bole?

so after making sure she entered the lecture hall..
i zooomed to mcd bangsar..had 1 cup of hot coffee..
updating my blog..and on my
-minute meeting..
-this year target point for the project in policy scope.
-writer's appointed letter..
dats the 3 papers need to be done before tuesday!

gonna meet up emi later..
tp sure hes still smlm he was up watching footbal with the folks..
so sy kene dok sini diam2 while waiting for him to wake up!...yes!

harini nak pegi survey what suitable and reasonable birthday present for jiji..emi's lil brother..even hes not so 'little'..hahahha!
next weekend is his birthday..
so still have one week for me to pikir2..

and hrni nak tgk muvie!.
its been a while...!

i got until 6.30..coz 6.30 kene pick up yaya balek..

tomorro im gonna bake a cake..
and pegi MPOB and melawat my oya..(bos mase practical dulu)
suda plan same pejal (another pn oya's trainee at the same time as me)

so..i was been tagged by aya..
here goes..

1. Do you think you're HOT?
= sy hot ta yayang...?..whatever he says..heheh!

2. Upload your favourite picture (s) of you

3. Why do you like that picture?

= i loike the hair..and muke sy nampak kurus..hahah!..muke je..

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
= dinner with the family..kak aida's pizza hut kajang..

5. The last song you listened to?
= lagu kat mcd ni..jazzy tune..the voice is like..lionel richie..but it tink its not him..

6. What are you doing right now beside this?
= typing my meeting minute..

7. What name would you prefer besides yours?
= dulu i hate my name..mase kecik2 laa..but now..i like it and prefer no other!

8. People I Tag:
i) shasha
ii) sha-yang
iii) kak kerry
iv) zaem
v) ain
vi) kak titi

9. Who is no. 1?
= my high-schoolmate plus my ex-classmate plus my ex-tukang urut plus my ex-makan2 mate..she was my any-mate through out my years in school.. but no play-mate yaaaa!..ahhaha~

10. Who is no. 2?
= my bestesttestesttestt friend ever!..been friends since 7 and its been 16 years..and more years to come..kte tua same2 ea yang..shes with my big bro jep..and shes happy!..i love u sayang..!

11. Say something about no.5
= shes my mom bestfriend's daughter..we've been friends since like babies kot..kan?kan?....heheh~she called my parents mama n papa..and i called her's ibu and abah..we're like families!

12. How about no. 4?
= ini my bestfren's him chek jem..heheheh!..hes nice..and...ok stop!..ta na puji lebey2..nanti kembang..

13. Who is no. 3?
= she's my big hero when i need one..always worry abt me..and will tegur on my wrong-doings..she's totally my kakak-besar..even shes is tiny lil gurl..hheheh~

13. Finally, tell about no. 6
= my ex-roomie back in 11 col for 1 year..always calls me in my fullname..athirah!..hahhhaha~..and when im with her..automatically lidah jadi lidah org perak..hahah~

so thats about it..

later peeps..!

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