Sunday, February 15, 2009


on friday
i was MC

d story goes like this..
since thursday i suda bengang2 kepala..
berdenyut2..i know its not my migrain attack..coz i didnt feel like i was abt to vomit or whut so ever..
but i took my migrain pills just incase..kang muntah2 kat office payah plak..
dat nite..i came home..and slept at like 9 pm..and d next day woke up at i slept 8 and a half hours..more than enuff!..

but i still have this dizziness..

on my way to komuter..i bought 3 kueh and a bottle of mineral..
had that before i took my migrain pills..
then ok la..

but when i was on my way to titiwangsa..dalam star lrt..
i tbe2 rase nak pitam..
everything was wobbly..n lutut mengigil2 maybe sbb i rase d floor macam wobbly..and macam tak stable..
i can feel my face sejukk....and macam nak pengsan..and terus tercangkuk berpaut to the pole..
i wanted to sit but it was so packed..and mase tu kat stesen hang tuah..i have to wait till masjid jamek..baru ade a lady helped me to the seat at masjid jamek..and she said..'dek sebelom ape2 baek call sape2 dlu.kang susah..' so i called azmi..

arrived at titiwangsa and azmi picked me up..
my head rase macam nak pecah..and my lutut menggigil2 nak berjalan sbab lantai i see macam lembek2..
i walked slowly..and azmi came to me and papah me..

he drove me back to semenyih..
and sampai2 je mama suruh check blood pressure..
like hell..91/53 ! itu da sampai rumah..
means mase nak pitam tu lagi low la..?!

i slept..azmi juge..*coz he was out that die sendri pun tak cukup tido..sian die..wwuuwu~..*
woke up..had our lunch....mama masak ayam kicap..sedapp!
patu i went to the clinic..
and true enuff..d nurse said..mmg ni low gile..low low bole pon 100/60 than normal 110/80..but below 100/60 mmg bole or akan pitam..

i really concern if the low bp is a disease or somekind of sickness like high bp..which need to take a regular medications..and nanti if pregnant it would be dangerous..coz mama kate dangerous..but its sebab doctor soh makan iron pills..but the doctor said..tak de lahh..u need to exercise..drink gallons of water..*ok maybe ter-exagerate plak disitu*..and u really need to know whut to do when it attackes..

since i selalu berdiri dlm train..she asked me to goyang2 kan kaki..gerak2 kan ibu jari kaki..if i had been standing for quite a while..and if rase nak pitam tu..terus duduk...its because the blood to the down part did not go backward to the upper part and d brain..tu yang nak pitam tu..

and my future personal-doctor and my bestie..Dr Shahnaz..she oso can bcoz of my body is exausted..

so true enuff..
i havent been exercising for quite a while..
haiyooooooo~~!!..i really need tooo!!..sia2 je bayar gym tu kang...~
my meals was always late..and selalu tak betol..makan kadang2 perut da masok angin..and sumtimes i didnt even take my dinner..sian mama masak2..wuuwuw~

and i need to take gingko biloba..!
mane gaji niii~!!
nak beli ubat niii~..*alasannn~..hehehe*

azmi went back to UM as dat evening die ade game..

and i have tahlil kat umah aunty ah..*belakang ruma je*

that afternoon..pegi tesco with aunty nah..mama n find yassin to derma to masjid for arwah atok..and we had kyros kebab..nyummy!!!

ouh an azmi won the game!..semi 12th vs 2nd..! congratz yayang~!..

my head still pening2..and berdenyut2..but my bp dah ok la.back to normal..
ape taknye..da lumur apple dgn garam..sampai da tak rase apple da..masin saje..

so that was it..


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*Kerry Uh La La said...

oh irah
akak pown ada low bp.kekdg tu smpi 90/60 je.tu tak pitam tu.saket pale je lau rs nk pitam tu lower lg rs nye.
that's y slalo saket pale.
same reason la kot
tak exercisee!!
lau cek Doc pown soh mkn bnyk la.minom air bnyk la.
pdhal die tataw ke kite dh minom bertong2 smpi naek muncet pewot..huhuh.
akak rs mayb sbb makan tak jg kot.makan ekot suke ati bila.
akak admit akak mmg mcm tu.mkn ekot suka ati.huhuhu.
kekdg tgh2 drive pon rs nk pitam.mcm mata blur2,bdn gegel2,sweaty,nk taley fokus.
u take care ok!
len kali msg tlg balas.
esok nk ketok irah kerna membuat akak riso!