Thursday, February 5, 2009


on hari wilayah..
since saye pekerja kerajaan di wilayah persekutuan
saye cutiiiiiiiiiiiii!..

so i decide to take a visit to mpob
and see all the nicest people in town..!

i baked a chocolate cake..and as the clock strikes 1 and d cake is out..
i zoomed to bangi..

took the short-cut road i used to take back in the days..

and had lunch with my forever bestie..mai~
show wore a nice green cotton kurung..heee~

met the mystery new intern..hahah!
budak um..named ady..
but there they called him tom cruise..
intern Pn. Fatah..

everyone was there..
mrs lee
en. azali
en. zaid
en. halim
mr ramani
tn haji
tn hj hisham
my gorgeous superhot bos..Pn Oya

i stayed der n had a long chat with em sampai pukul 5..
pn oya just came back from clinic and all..
ouh!..and skarang da pakai tudung ikin..hahah~..ta nak kalah bos aku..hahah!
but the crystals is still on bebeh!

everyone loved d cake..!
even ade kakak tu dtg jumpe bos pon hentam skali..
nak order?..bolehhh..heheh!
habes satu baking tin besar..dey ask me to bwk a bigger one on the next visit..
ni ble bukak bisnes ni..hehe!

ps: muke mai baru lepass terpeleot kaki..heheh~

after kissing goodbye..
we went back..

ps: shaaaaa cepaaaaattt balikkkkkkkkk!

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Shahnaz Md Nor said...

i wasnt there.

im home soon babes~~