Sunday, February 15, 2009

POTGH (Part I)

on saturday
my head still berdenyut2~
but really need to get up and pack
coz we're goin to POTGH!!..yeepeeee!
*palace of the golden horses..*

papa memang suke menjadi member2 hotel dan resort2..
itu lah sebabnye kami mendapat complimentary stay here and there..
the last time was in cherating..
but this time..its becoz..
papa menjadi member for the POTGH Health Sanctuary and Spa..
it is deeeemmm expensive..nearly 40K papa have to allocate..
but its worth it!
its not for only papa and mama..its also for d whole family..
it is also like an asset..anak2 akan mewarisi..if! im not mistaken la kan..
so i highly recommend it!

the POTGH health blablabla ni *panjang sangat maleh nak taip*
is where papa n mama had their health check up and screening..
sme screening it!
and if that year mama or papa tak buat..saye boleh buat!..yeayyy~!
d family oso entitled for complimentary stay in POTGH or the mines hotel or the mines resort..
and oso d swimming pool and the gymnasium..anytime!!..everyday pon bole..!
and a personal instructor sumoreee!
uuuuuu...i looike ! i loikee!
der goes my celebrity fitness~!..dem ittt!
soo anyway..
papa entitled for complimentary stay every this year..ktorng chosed dekat je..sekangkang afiq da sampai..ngangnanga~..

executive suite!
and sangattt la suweeettt!
dey gave us a nice viewwww~!*we see the view later on ya..*
level 5025..nice!

see the rows of tables..? its for 2!!!
sempena valentines day..whos d luck gurls..!
dem dem dem!
kalaw dey got proposed at this time..suweet gilo~!!
ok stop it!

the common toilet and make up room

the dining

and then before maghrib we bersiap2..and after maghrib we shoot off to TTDI
for tahlil at aunty nah's place..
ye saye bertudung,,ngengengen~
yaya berselendang saje..
and mama pakai jubah macam minah arab plak~

my head still berdenyut2 gile..
to the extend i telan 2 pills of panadol muscle pain!
still tak jalan!
then aunty bib insist to urut my head..
and she sedawa gile!..sampai penat2 die..
banyak gile angin kat kepala~
sambil tu kene bebel la..
makan betol..make sure u isi perut..atleast biscuits always in ur handbag...blablablaa~
yup!..maybe i should!
lepas urut..lega gilaa!
until head da tak berdenyut2 dah..
thankiu auntyyy!!

and macam biase..kat rumah aunty nah its lik a food galore~!!

victoria sandwich..a pro made it..and super sedap!!..

the best seller choco cake!

green agar2..i wish it was yellow..wuwuw~
and tiny lil cuppies by wondermilk..aunty nomi kiyot and so tiny~

oppps!..the lil sister camwhoring~

love the picture..
lil sufya was looking at tok yem die..
oh mind u guys..tok pompuan die sme glamour..panggil like nanny na, nanny B..
tp tok laki die sme tok..Tok Ny (pronounce it as mat saleh jugak)..theres oso Tok J..which is my papa la kan..and oso the Tok Yem..and all are auntys and uncles..! mengunyah~!

nanny na die~
and saye mengantok..!



ann frendly said...

aite... athirah yang cantik... kemu telah di Tag oleh saya....

a thirah i m said...

me to ann:
time kaseh ann yang chomey~

:: p R i n c E s S _ N :: said...

beshaaa gilerrr room tuhh....nk jgak...ngeh2....

ima said...

God!!!siyes damnnnn cantik itu suite la....huhuhu...mau pegi!!

hajarr said...

tira, ko pki tudung nmpk muda lak.
mcm dak2 skolah. hehe bkan nk kata ko nmpk tua..
tak tak. mane ade...