Sunday, February 1, 2009

rainforest festival 2009

last nite alfie called..
asking fo my confirmation on the rainforest festival i was planning to go..earlier this year..
and until today only..
the MAS flight ticket to sarawak will be rm69 a way

and while im there..i can always stayed at the family's place (alfie orang sarawak)..or maybe i can sleep over at shasha place ke..bole kan sha..?
but nanti on the 9th macam tu will be staying over at santubong beach..a hotel..
until the 13th..but we can dpt staff uncle alfies works there..heheh~

so we need to book the flight tickets..and the festival ticket..and the hotel..coz nanti kalaw last minute..hotel penuhh~

and suda calculate2..
i have to allocate rm500 for the expenses including flight tickets..and makan for the 3 days in shopping!!

ive already studied the testimonials from the past years rainforest..
it was really exciting..incredible..and just...
musics...percussions..and all kinds of love-music people all over the world.!
i can even imagine myself there..enjoying the music, the crowd and the beach!..
dem ittttt!


im still contemplating..

since its gonna be on 10 to 13th of July..and the flight will be on the 8th..
sy kene fikir..kerana sy kan wanita berkerjaya sekarang..waaaaah~~
i have to plan my cuti..


kalaw ta dapat pegi this year..
i can always pegi next year...
or the year after..
coz baru2 keje terms of money..
takde saving lagi la..hmmm~


i need to plan oso for flying over to sabah for kak mega's wedding..i really wanna be there for the nikah..nanti ble jalan2 kat i tak penah far as i could remember la..

and oso. . my jason mraz ??!

what do u guys tink?

advice pleasee..

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Anonymous said...

Come by anytime.. asal ak ade kat kcg la that time (><)