Saturday, February 21, 2009

the seminar

on monday n tuesday
had a seminar or 2-day course on
intelectual property..
ye SNt undang-undang ye rakan2 sekelas saye di UM..
at first super tak nak pegi..
thinking it will b a two-day boring classes..

but instead..
it was super funn!!!
i was the youngest participant..
but they ar all very warming n cool people..
there's operating manager..packaging designer..and even CEO from various companies..
and even new and young entrepeneurs...ada yg spa owners..siap wat facial lagi kat surau mase break time..

best! best!
there's workgroups most of the sangat sangat tak mengantuk
and my group won d best group mase 1st session sebab wat mind map..using tony buzan's method..!
thanks to penulis cilik..ngangangaaa~

and dapat pwezie from the speaker..


noting the notes..

i had so much fun..!
and im officially building networks in working world!

=))) !!!

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