Wednesday, February 4, 2009

spanx up!

im kinda interested with this panties

'The world's first performance underwear combines the comfort of regular underwear, the feel of hosiery and the power of a shaper. Eliminating the legband creates body-shaping control that's both comfortable and flattering.'

a testimonial from a user:
"I mmg suka sgt spanx. makes me looks slimmer & xdelah keras cam girdle tu.pastu maintenance senang, msk je washing machine, xyah handwash cam girdle infra red tu. dah 2 dah i ada & hampir lunyai.
ladies, spanx are wore by hollywood actress. sape tgk oprah, pernah oprah mention during her talkshoe tht she's also wearing one.shld try"

its USD 30+
i never had one.
even a girdle..
maybe i do need one..
but is it worth it?
is it that good as said?

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