Saturday, February 21, 2009


d day befor d game day..first time turun practice..since i was in a seminar..
so that day was arock's game day..and arock d striker and her group (EHRC) won over Kolej B..1-0..congratz rockk!

anyway d next day..
was my team game day..
HMRC team..yeahhh!

kakak2 MLT (medical lab technician) and sy sorg je RA (research assistant)..wuwuw

we lost to Kolej A 1-0..wuwuwu~

and den bersuka ria maen netball..

sorry ta suke bola terbang.bola bergolek takpe..
so i dont want to play netball..


sy support je!

i guess im also officially building networks here in IMR too..


:: p R i n c E s S _ N :: said...

beshh r bsukan..lame x bsukan..abess lmak da tkumpul ni...

a thirah i m said...

majulah sukan utk negara.
supaya menjadi sihat, kuat dan tuff..
=)) !!