Sunday, January 18, 2009

4th nite tahlil

we had tahlil for 3 nites..
the only friend that could make it..
is epul..
thanks epul..soo much..
emi ta dpt dtg coz he was on somthng..but its ok..nanti malam ke-40 datang ea yang..

we had 4th nite tahlil.
just among us family
lead by abg harun..kak asha husband.
and masak oso caters..
so theres nasi beriyani..
aunty nenah (papa's sister) cooked fo us..
it was super yummy!

ouh n my first cousin, abg sunny brought along her new gf..
well i called her kak liana..but turns out..we'r d same age..

arwah atok's 1st great-grandchild..
too bad atok ta sempat tgk..

abg sunny's parents..
aunty idah (papa's 2nd older sister) and uncle alfred..(he's an australian btw)
beria2 makan nasi beriyani..

ouh..that sufya..slept quietly in a corner..
and this particular bantal..
was a place i slept went i was her age..
says abg sunny..
i couldnt even remember..
of cos i dont..ahha~

ouh and the cakes..and breads..!
kawan aunty nah made it..
super nyummie!
d choc cake..was really choclaty
d prune cake..was delicious..
and the bread!..made from olive sgt2 healthy!


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