Tuesday, April 28, 2009

science adventure

okkay. this kinda cerita lama. tapi sury for the delay. cuz was waiting for d pics and d vids from wina.

anyway. one of the saturdays. after i went for an interview. me and wina went for a science adventure in PETroSains!...yeppieee!

so much of having fun actually~

it was since i last came here. that was in my primary. so kira-kira lah berapa tahun sudah kan.
tu yang agak jakun tu. hehe!

me and wina played this one brain activity. see how our brain is :

and then we headed to little penang for late lunch-cum-dinner. hehe.

wina bermain pole ape ntah:

now its my turn:

wina bermain wheel of fortune:

dan kami menjadi goalkeeper:

and we played the heartbeat drum.

sury yang..heartbeat b low plak..heheh~

what an adventure..hahaha!~ more like what a blast!..hehehe~

thank wak..=))

i then headed for a dinner with azmi's family at Sri Thai.
nyummiee.bloated. fullstop. hehehe!



wInAwIn said...

knape ade gamba sy yg manyak..huhu

anyway, no prob dear..
thanks to u too..glad to have a 'date'..

so romantic kan kitew neh.. ;p

a.z.r.i.n.a said...