Friday, May 1, 2009

good job well done!

last saturday.
its my lil sister's day.
hari anugerah cemerlang sek men teknik kajang.
supposedly my parents yang kena pergi. 2 orang je boleh masuk dewan..
*macam convo plak..ape kes*
but my dad has sumthings i kene ganti..sumpah malas gila nak bangun pagi2 sabtu..

she got the highest marks for english in the whole of form 4 in last years final.
so that day. dia menerima anugerah.
well done sis!!..
told her to get rid of the big tongue!

and she never listen


the beauty and the geek..can i say that..hahahaha~ sury yaya!

then after that..we had pizza hut for lunch!

let me tell u sumthng abt this lil chipmunk!
well i call her .NERD. hehehe~

she kinda grew up with the brother all her life.
i was out in boarding school. not so much on having a big sister.
so she kinda became a rough, tough, and kinda boyish i supposed.
her clothes, mama selalu complain kalau lipat baju dia. its like 1 stack of black tees..and blue.
she really not into any kind of colors other than that two..i remember theres one day maksu kinda bought her a pink baby T..amek kaw!..hahahah~

but as i enter UM..and seems being a lil bit closer to home sweet home..
she had her big sister she changed a lil bit here and there...i make her so!
she let her hair down sometimes..wore baby Ts instead of colar Ts...
and she infact wears pink!..
she even wears my clothes yang da kecik2..and even all my long neckie and bangles die kebas..
except my dangling earings..

but the..'yo!' still there..

and when boy-friends started to turn into a crush..
she changed even more..

now i tink she can grew up as a lady..
thank god!..hahahah~
she was studying and then she fell asleep on the bed. i took the photo of this and her sleeping but then she deleted it..damn!..ahhaha~

she studies mechanical engineering. and her aim is to further study in UK as like my father.

well both she and my brother is into engineering..except me..
infact all my other cousins and uncles are also in engineering.
why the heck im in biology?..where did that ever came from?
damn it!

one thing for sure..
she did a very very good job.
last year finals. she got 3rd in her class, 5th in the whole of form 4.
in her last months test, she even got 1st in her class and, 3rd in the whole of form 5, with 9As all together.
and i think...she can beat my SPM results..and i have to make up my word to her for the prezent...duhh~

good luck for ur SPM kiddo!
luv ya!

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:: p R i n c E s S _ N :: said...

yaya y bijak...congratz.....gud luck in spm..