Thursday, May 7, 2009

bila aunty saya sudah marah.

because of im the only one yang tak da kerja di ruma.
and im the only one that can drive.
for 2 days i became aunty ah's driver. drove her around town to settle all her things..
first day..went only to kajang..4 settle god knows what stuff..
banyak bank..banyak duit..kekekek...

then for the 2nd day..went all the way to KLCC..
and settle her Maxis issues..

we waited nearly an hour to be entertain..theres a lot of counter but most are empty..
aunty went to the main counter and complaint..and he said..'oh ramai pergi lunch kak'..
so ok..tape we wait..and im getting bored and restless...

buring tahap gile sme benda pun na amek gmbr...


so ok..we waited and waited..we was sitting right infront of counter 7..where there's a girl..a malay girl..according to the aunty's number is next..before that was a young chinese couple..
after they took around 15 minutes for that maxis girl to call out the next number..what she was doing all the while was...talking on the hp..texting..aunty ah dah naek bengang..and so do freaking hungry for god sakes...

so then she called...aunty came to her and said..'lambatnye dik'...and she tarik muke..with mulut terkepit2..senget2...agak kurang ajar laa di depan customer begitu..

aunty ah wanted to cancel her auto-debit service *or whatever it is call* and wanted to print out the bills for the past 4 ok..she instead as aunty ah to sign some borang..

meanwhile a guy..some technician i supposed..came to the counter to betol kan ape ntah..but at the same time..was chatting..and that girl was tersenyum2 sipu to the guy..heeeshh..menggedik pulak kat situ..aku lapar niiiiii~..

and the best part is..some of the counter that were close because of the people went to lunch..only open at 4.30..helllooo korang lunch sampai 4.30 ke?....patu masok muka tersengih2..eeee~

then after all things done..we went off...for our late lunch..
had lunch at Chakra Palace for their super delicious tomyam...
aunty ah banje..upah drive..hehehe~

see that happy face dapat makanan?..aahhah


and then we headed back home..

on the way....maxis called...and a guy said..'pn rafeah..just to confirm..puan nak active kan auto debit ya?'..haihh..mmg carik nahas ini maxis punya orang..da la lembab..patu tarik muke cam ape..patu lain yang disuruh lain yang di wonder la tadi die suruh sign borang..mmg pale hotak kaw pompuan counter 7!..

aunty ah was soo furious..and she called maxis..and potpetpotpet..complaining the whole thing..and then to cut it short..dey beritahu pulak that her credit has reached they have to bar...tadi apa pasal tak cakap? bulela aunty bayar sekali..settle sme si pompuan kaunter 7 tuh..!

and one sentence that make maxis kelam kabut is..
'im gonna change to other service provider. ok. i am very frustrated with maxis'
yeahhh..habislah....i tink this is not the first time aunty ah kene begini..thats why she was all super mad..

the next day..that counter 7 gurl..called aunty ah..and said sorry..
but too late dear...aunty ah ordy change to celcom..
tulah..lain kali..kerja betol2..janganlah bermsg2 di depan customer..dah la lembab..tergedik2 plak dgn mamat tu..patu wat kerje salah..mmg carik nahas..

but i had a great lunch tho..thanks all to u..kikkik~


hajarr said...

go girl~!!


a thirah i m said...

go! go!

a.z.r.i.n.a said...

kalo mau gedik sgt
suh die beralih ke stimix csr...

kan kan


selambe jek hold customer gi toilet. berani buat berani tnggung.

a thirah i m said...


weh pk..
die wat maxis ilang customer..

agak2..die kene ka0-kao gak ta dgn maxis..
jangan2 kena buang keje..

kesianla pulok.~