Saturday, April 11, 2009

happy tears~

i had belated bday celeb with azmi as hes bz with the tests, and i myself quite bz as well.
on 28th, had a nice dinner @ d Friday's

we had:mac n cheese : the appetizer

his: r.i.b eye~

mine: sizzling chicken cheese

and since it was the Earth Hour, dey dimmed d lights and lit up d candle.

we eat, talk and laugh.
that came out..hehehe!

and ive been bullied by the friday crews..stand up on the chair..and sing!..wuhuhuh~

dey den sang bday song..and d 'we will rock,we will rock u' TGI's version..
with d claps and feet stamping..
it was loud!
and orang2 yang tengah makan also clapped dier hands..

and then he hand me..
i was extremely surprised...yes!..i tears..heheheh~

i had such a wonderful time dat nite..
super superr happyy..
never any of my stupidos Xs had ever dun such a sweet thing lik this for me..
hes d only one..and my one and only..

thank u sooo much sayanggg..
i love uuuuu~
sangattt sangatttt manyakkkk!!

=)))))) !!!!!


a.z.r.i.n.a said...

this is soooooo dammn sweet thieraa....!!!!!!!!

ur lucky babe~
hepy belated beday!!!!

ps: azmi de abg x? lalala

oneyani said... sweeeet...die sgt pandai beromantika de amour...sgt best!
tumpan happy buat kamooooo=)

a thirah i m said...

ade ade..
tapi baruuu ade gf..
tapi adik die takde..
nakkk???...chomey jugak..

thank u yaniiii~

ka-ii said...

happy birhday!!!