Thursday, May 8, 2008

life is much much more better..

life is much much more better.
without sum junks that menyakitkan hati n
trying the best they can to make our life miserable..
sume 'chipmunk2' dat cal demselves m.a.l.e with some l.a.m.e caughting-line..and like az
and everytime my phone says...'betol betol betol'...which i sumtime like coz it makes my mom laugh coz it mem'betol'kan ape die ckp..(eventually everytime she's 'bebeling' me)..huhu..but unfortunately hate it coz sumtime sum stoopido unknown num keep msging me..and miscalled me..tgah2 mlm.n pepagi bute...and buat aku terjaga which when i ta na bgn pagi...(due to jolly2 d mlm hr bbq-ing,lepak-ing,movie-ing and all..hahaha)..and its like...urghhhhh...!
pagi2 dah geram kat org...huhuhu...
i dont like it..
its like spoiling ur day..
coz literaly starting ure day with hatred..and sumtimes...cursing..
not god not good.
and so..
i decided to.sound trus..jgn ganggu bley ta..which part of 'go away' u dont understand?
diam trus..
people that do not appreciate us...
buang di dalam..tong...ngak ada recycle2 ye...
and it feels is much much more better..and it just keeps getting better..


iAmeFie said...

seriously ged..
u shud just throw away all the stupit junk...
make urlife worth so much more aite...
less is more..

ღKerry Comeyღ said...

yeah2..ira,i hope i can do wut u do..throw ol dat junkie2 into bins..arghh..geram kan dgn org2 yg tak nah puas ati bila kite hepi..esp dgn org yg de penyakit PHD like u-know-who..Witch wit da 'B'..

Shahnaz Md Nor said...

u owes got me by urside. i mean it. ALWAYS :) so. dun ever bother bout yesterday n afraid to face tumuru. muah~