Saturday, May 17, 2008

internship@MPOB [day4]

day 4..
ape d hard-working gal athirah buat..
hard working la sgt kan..
smpi2 lab..Pn Hamidah called..
telling dat d offer letter dah siap..ehehe!
so boss said..'ha pg amek den gi um la...settlekan sme..'...
baek bosh!

and so i went off to um..after meeting Pn Hamidah and briefing by Pn Latifah from the Bhgn Latihan..

shoot off to um..
smpi2 pg ISB dlu..settle kan d surat perakuan and stuff..
den text si Kadok..we planned to have lunch together..thot Mr J would tag kadok said jerman nak makan dewan makan..hmmm...sampai hati u end up me and kadok je..

ouh i havent mention Kadok yet..
hes real name is...Azriq..if i not misspelled..hheee..
tp katenye name malam die Noor..
den i found out y...rupenye d name is Mohd Noor Azriq..sengal!
picked him up..(kecik ati tgk2 jerman ta de..ta na kawan jerman!)..and went to settle on the tolak tawaran sum kursus pra pekerjaan or whutever it is called...huhu..byk betol kejenye..

den went fo nasi ayam @ pantai dalam ..sebelah pantai permai..sedap2!..
and kadok banje..thanks kadok..gile ape dok?..gile babii(with a sengau and pelik accent..only he can buat..and jadi sgt funny and burowk!)..

den shoot off back to um..

and kadok took my long necklace..
weyh kuang aja!..
kaw jgn baek2 dok...mahal tuh weyh...Diva tuh..kaw ilang siap..
and tolong jgn bwk gi maen rugby ea..peloh2 busowk ahh!...
huhuh....eee risaw akuw...rosak rantai tu..aku belasah kaw...aku panggil bonzer2 aku seperti...mok dan sham..(wait wait sham???..ahahhaa..sorry sham..)

check in back to the lab..
and today..i bcame a chemist i tell u..ahhahaa....
i learned how to dilute NaoH..
den i learned on the protein extraction..and i actually had a hands-on experience...
best best..dah lame ta wat keje2 wet lab..ehehe..i loike!

athirah the!

diluton of NaOH

2 000ml of distilled water...

200gm of solid NaOH

and den mixed it together...and here we used the magnetic stirrer..

the Extraction of the Protein from the Kernel Meal

the kernel meal..

adding the kernel meal into the NaOH

put a thermometer to control the temperature between 40-50 degrees..if more then the protein will eventually denatured..

and we stir fo 2 hours..

the stirrer..

and finally we centrifuge..and maintain d temperature ..

and thats my workplace..hahhaha...

and thats what i did today...

balik2 slept like logs..
woke up @ 9
baru mandy and makan..and tgk tv..and bace proposal lagi..
and tido lagi...


till day 5...

later folks



ina said...

waauuuu weee wwuuuuuuu............ kau biar btolll.....

:: pRincEss_N :: said...

wah...wah....bkeja keras nmpk...go thiera go....yunk...u have been TAG...plz refer to my n3 on MONDAY...5th TAG..TQ

efie chomell said...

wah!!! bestnye2..huhuhu
sorry ged, xle nk reply msj kamu pagi td...cdt dh expired...huhuhu

mau keje juge!!
tamau dok umah!!!
bosan!!! huhuhuhu

ka-ii said...

menariknyaa li..bagus2.learn new thing. xcm ktrg dulu..mengular je..hahaha..

Danielle_Corleone said...

Jangan terkejut atau terkesima tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, ini adalah satu bentuk cara membuat dodol segugus sawit!

lieza said...

eh allu my dear wat hands on to bek2 ade lak men snap2 pics lg..ati2 yep