Wednesday, May 21, 2008

internship@MPOB [day5]

day 5..
hmmm...mama tapaukan nasi fo me today..
sedap..nasi goreng+sambal tahu+ikan bilis+telur+sambal tempe=kenyang+ngantok
today belajar ape??

oil extraction process..from sludge..
ape itu sludge..sludge is bahan buangan from the oil production..
so dey want to see d percentage of d left over oil inside d bhn buangan...

sludge..scraped it..and letak dlm ini..tube2 putih nie..

and den sumbat with tissue elakkan minyak kua..i tink

masokkan petroleum ether 60 to 80 degrees and d tube into this individual bottle

and this is the machine..the Gerhardt-Soxtherm oil extractor.. dlm gelas tuh ade what its call boilstone-use to pastikan air tak percik2 or like menggelegak gitu..

En Zubir n Farah..
corridor to d lab..

d desk..yg sgt bersepah n bnyk papers..konon2 la..hahaha..

aaand my lunch box...sedap!..thanks ma!

burrrpp opsy..
kenyang daa~

till later..


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