Friday, May 16, 2008

internship@MPOB [day3]

3rd day..
ape athirah buat...??

ta de buat ape2..
studied d proposal..
and blablabla..

today En Zubir and Faizal masok lab..
dey arrived KL last nite..

well today
nuthing much...went lunch fo d fes tyme @ d cafe with farah her twin farhani and amy...

today went to makmal on insects...farhani work der..shes on this tiny2 lil pupa which will b send to new zealand for the study of the huh!

and i learn w more thing..those 2 bottles 1 is labelled as CPKO (crude palm kernel oil)..its from the kernel of the fruit..and another one is our minyak masak which tu ofcos la belom process is called CPO(crude palm oil)..minyak masak kte tuh is from d mesocarp (serabut) of fruit (biji kelapa sawit)...

the in biji kelapa sawit got 3 layers...its the mesocarp,endocarp and the mesocarp jadi minyak masak kte...endocarp (the shell of the nut) hasil buangan die akan dijadikan bahan api alternatif like charcoal etc..and the most center..the kernel..will den produce to hasilkan the CPKO..and be the creamer, sabun, cosmetics..
CPKO will den be processed into cosmetics,creamers and stuff like dat..

hehhe..i do learn sumthing to day...ehhee..

den smbung mentenet di lab...ehehe..
and blaja sket2 those chemy2 thingy...hehehee...

wait fo day 4..

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