Friday, May 16, 2008

internship@MPOB [day2]

my 2nd day of internship

well well well..woke up a lil bit late..
and so meredah jam lagi..hukhukhuk..
convoied with abg harun..but he turn left to Uniten and i go straight to MPOB..
went to see Pn Hamidah @ Bhgn Latihan Pusat Inovasi for the registration..but she wasnt in..
and so i went to report to my boss fes..
into the lab..bangunan Kimia & Technology..(budak Bio di Kimia??..hehhee)..keje aku bace signboard je..takot sesat..MPOB ni besar wo..huhuh..sesat kang ta jumpe keta..
breaking d ice with the people in d lab..
they are eventually sum nice2 people around..
funny..and sangat tak kedekut ilmu..hehe


Pn Fatah


En Zaid

En Azali

Mrs Lee

Tuan Haji

later my boss arrived..she briefed me on what the project is basically all about..and talk talk..and i nod nod nod..and den she gave me this i stack of papers proposals..schematic study on..huh.uu..tahniah athirah...she said..'nah khatam kan..'..uhukhuhk...baek bos..!

but becos it is sumthing new..i shall least i know how d minyak masak kat umah aku tuh and sum other stuffs are the processes are from raw nuts..ehehhee...

and after tha briefing..suddenly she said..'eh jom kite gi warta nak..saye nak tukar spec la..frame ni hook blakang telinge saye ni sakit..'..and we keep changing and trying on each others' glasses...hahha....dah menyimpang dah..berborak2...

and so at around 12 plus me n bos ..(just the two of us..wuhuu)..went out to warta bangi..went to England Optical..i helped her choose a new frame for her...and she do look nice with it..hehehe..its in light purple..half frame..polo glad she likes it too...and after a treat..she banje me KFC.(thats where i want to be...lalalala...)....then went to guardian and she tny me to buy hair dye..what brand do i use..and she like my hair color..huhu...she bot a revlon in dark mahogany...ta nok lah blonde2 katenye..'kaw tak pe la..mude' and she bot for her sons roti2 @ bintang supermarket...

my foot went blisters..and dah sampai tahap gaban where kulit dah terkopek...euuuuu..takittttt...well maklumlah kasot baru..ahaha..sempat nak eksen..eheh!
so i bot a skin socks..den my boss saw..and she said..'lahawlawalla..dah esok pakai selipar je..'...ehehe..isnt she cool..hehee..

we talk n talk..and taw2 balik kol 3 lebeh..selambe...dgn boss...hahahaa..

snapped it in front of the bangunan Pusat Inovasi
Paras 3

d lab..

it is called the waterbath..


kad kawen..both of them was apparently a trainees here before..camne leh jumpe jodoh dlm lab ni..ta de pown..hahaha..

my 2nd day was ok..

a lil bit bored...
but ade internet..selamat la..hehehe

till later..

toodles folks...


ka-ii said...

ni kje ke amik gamba je ni..kje dik kje..

Anonymous said...

sayang sory la sgt blur
tapi regarding highway yang sgt menakutkan tu mmg cannot go langsung
jalan tu super duper gler punyer scary
da best part kite bertiger kamikaze nak redah gak
seb baek tak kamikaze sgt
so sempat berpatah balik
kalo tak selamt da kiter
front page paper arie ne
cupcake+fishball+frice+wedges+fish ring
sgt memeriahkan suasana huhu
aper2 pun sgt hepy ngan ko semalm
sgt buat aku hepyy hepy hepy..
frenship forever
~nak ayam+rebung masak lemak..hee ..lalalalala