Monday, September 29, 2008

nur hannah sufya..

my baby niece..was borned
on friday
26th september 2008
at 3.36 pm
in pusat rawatan islam az-zahrah bangi..
and she was named..
and im d coole aunt tira..oh yeahh..hahahah~

shes d ..
fes grandchild for both sides..
fes niece
fes cicit
fes in everything....
such a lucky lucky gurl.. =)

aunt ged n aunt tira..
ged. ged ged..and d lil ged..hahahha~
habislah die..heheh

gentle n pure

suke jelir lida ta0 die nie..

tok ayah die *abg haron's father* belikan hannah cradle..and its pink!..ehehe

:: Nur Hannah Sufya ::

daddy's lil gurl

welcome aboard hannah..
we love u....!

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