Monday, September 29, 2008


i was marok *mara+merajok* ngan so emi..
but den he mad a surprise by showing up infront of my hse..
tbe2 ter tak merajok pulak..

went off to the times..
and we bot sumthng..*next post please*
den berbuka @ uptown lame..s emi na makan chicken chop pirates die..
berbuka with jiji *emi's bro* and eyda *d gf*
den shoot off to d curve..specifically d cupcake chix!
s i was craving fo cupcakes..and i get a 'merajok' treat..oh yeahhh~
met kak iera*emi's eldest sister* ngan abg ijoy *d husband*
kak iera na pass ubat si emi..da tao saket bole tinggal ubat..sengal~
kak iera went to d curve to meet d wedding photographer..
me n eyda went thru d album and mcm impress with d photos..
sgt chantek n suweett!

den went off to eyda's apartment..
and maen2 dgn jiji's pet..
sugar-gliders!...practically name..lola and..diego..
chomel but athirah takot dgn binatang okkay~..

die makan cacing. apples. and those with flour-thingy is calsium..


bapak lola n diego..


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