Monday, September 1, 2008

happy happy birthday papa!

a lil late issue..
but ya my dads bday...
well was actually last week..
on d 24th..
so a lil celebration beck in d crib..
everyone was der..
aunts n uncles..
cozins n cozin-to-be...
and mama's home made cakes..
it was great!..
and i bot papa a gift..
yesterday...hehhe...a lil bit 1 week later..hehehhe

like father lik son..

muah muah lil bro..

d whole gang.

and gang dapor...

d cakes..

1 most vain people..
and another 2...ahahah!

uncle achet..

happy birthday papa~

d blood of rohany running thru our vein...and we r vain..hahaha

and d gift..
a lil cute pokok taugeh...literally it does looks lik a huge taugeh after all..ehhehe
when it grows..i gez..
ders dis stall at mid..
jual dis cute biji benih..
with msg written on it..
so i bot 1 fo papa..
with those tiny blue pearls..
soh papa letak on d work table in his office..
and c it grows..
it says d first leaf will have the msg written on it...
and..surprisingly it does..
my hsemate had 1..
and ya..d msg still on it..

so dats all..
fo papa's bday.
well..happy birthday pa!
i love u!

later folks..

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