Tuesday, March 10, 2009


my saturday..well nuthing much happen..
dok ruma je...relaxing..bermalasan2..
infact 1 hari mandi sekali je..tak berpeluh langsung..

on sunday..
papa bwk we all for a dinner at bbq chicken..
since saturday..i wore shorts..didnt wash my hair...sangatlah selekeh..
make me malas sangat nak bersiap na kuar for dinner..
so i sarung a t's and pull my hair up..
dats it..i look horibble..but dont care..hahahha!

so went out after maghrib..and picked afiq at his college..
den went to optical shop at the store..
yaya made a new glasses...weeee
*chantek spec die..sape pilehkan...ngengehh!*

then to metropoint for bbq time..

tongue show..whatever~

i had korean charbroiled..and hot hot drum..

nampak small portion..
tp bloated babe..ahahah!




Sheila is she said...

da la pakai shirt faveret i.
alien !!!!!
pfft ~

a thirah i m said...

feveret i jgk..
sbb sgt comfy utk pakai siang dan malam..
and bile pakai rase mcm na tdo..
kan kan~

Sheila is she said...

yes .
and lepas bangun straight to breakfast without mandy.
and straight until lunch
comfy comfy . .

a thirah i m said...

patu mandi malam..pakai baju tu balik kan ged..

Sheila is she said...

syyhh !
dont tell anyone !