Wednesday, March 18, 2009

happy birthday kak iera!

its kak iera's bday.. (azmi's eldest sister)
so i made her a lil gift..
a lil bookmark..
with her name sew on it..
went to craft haven@ OU d day befo to buy stuffs needed..

on sunday.
d dinner.
papa n mama sent me to Grand Season Hotel for d buffet dinner..
**ouh! and papa ordy knew abt me n azmi..(which befo he only knew it as a fren..not anythng serious..)..and he approves!!..(if not takkan la he insist on sending me to the hotel kan) ya..and from d reaction...i tink papa like azmi!..da bule makan sebelah2..and borak semeja..casually..yeppieee~..fingers crossed..~!!**
papa and mama went to TTDI to meet one of d company's shareholders..and den to TESCO damansara for marketing.

while me..
enjoying myself..with fooooooddddsss~!!

the food was great..
abah azmi said..'d best buffet so far'..
tp kak iera claims that hilton lagi best..

as i walk in..i saw d choclate fountain..and fruits skews..
i was like..yummmmmmmmmmyyy!!

ders seafoodss..mussels..prawnsss
pasembor penang..
ice creamss...!

the prawns was marvellous!!
i took 2 trips of it.!
(tapi malas nak kopek azmi buat kan..hahahah...)

= bloated like crazyy!!

merasmikan d chanel..

abg ijoy
(his bday is cuming)


mcm celebrity plak..with all the flashes..hahah~

and as the cake sampai
we sang her a bday song..
and put a huge smile on her face..~!

d cake..

and jiji jadi model chanel..

and family photos..


so happy birthday kak iera....!!
hope u like d lil bookmark i made fo u..

love yaa!
and azmi sent me back to TTDI *ruma aunty na*
which papa n mama waited fo me der..
sungguh bahagia sbb di ambil dan hantar..ta perlu drive
hop from one car to another..keji kannn aku...
balik tido..sbb esok keje!!...dem~

ps: ape na buat fo abg ijoys bday..??..hmmm~

pss: credits to beautician saye aka cousin-ku-yg-sengal, ezza for make up kan saye...!
thanks babe..(na jgk die glamour kat blog aku..hahahah)



a.z.r.i.n.a said...

parents die..
chinese look ah kan?

a thirah i m said...

ha ah kan..
tu sb azmi lg puteh dr aku..

Zaty :)~ said...

bongok kaw babe.
dem dem dem x)