Friday, October 24, 2008

studying, gymming, studying, gymming...

loc: oldtown bangsar south
tga tunggu efie na lunch same2 ngan jermen..
and menahan nak weeweee..
cepatlaa efieee~...wuwuwuw..

na makan french toast..
cut cost sket..
na safe for sum reasons...

im super bz rite now..
everyday i spend nearly 4 hours in d gym..
bukanlah workout 4 hours..gile nak kurus cepat tuh..haha
but i studied der..for 2 hours..yup kat sane ade meja and super selesa..ade bar..where dey sells drinks..all kind of drinks..foods...even drinks yg utk work out pon ade..
den working out for 1 and a half hour..and mandi2 another half an hour..
mandi air panas perghhh!..
ders one day i took 1 hour in d locker room..
taking myself a nice hot shower..
den into d steam room for about 10 minutes..
den slowly pampering myself with body lotion smbil borak2 ngan aunty annie yg tga wat report while waiting for coyote groove-a workout dance class...*yup wat report in d make up room..coz itu pon super selesa*..
den siap2 sme..
headed to either mcd or oldtown bangsar south..smbung study
and sumtime went down to starbux, bot myself a caramel machiato and sit der headfones on and studying italiano..sat der for d rest of d day..hehe~
all alone..
i drove all by myself der..
taking my 0wn sweet time.
hrtu i was like super tension..
with d papers..
with sum other things yg been kept inside for a long2 time..
with kejar mase nak basoh baju..
with d saket2 badan coz buwat weight lifting..

but one good thing..
at d gym..all by myself,..
is super relaxing..
no stress..
d crews der sgt warm welcoming..
with smiles on d faces..
d trainers pon..
kacak tu belakang kire la kan..* ta ta yayang lagi emsem..*
n masok2 pintu je
'hello..hows ur day??..evrything went good? d mind n body all together?'
i smile and say..'god i wish..' hahaha
one word..! im glad i get myself into dis place!!..yeahh~

ok as d word saying..
'in order people to respect u..u fes have to respect others..respect is to gain..'

sound2 orang..spoiling other peoples mood..
spoiling other people's excitement..
by kutuk2 condemning right to d face on ape yg die dapat..
kutuk2 or condeming rite to d face on the doings which atleast dats what makes her happy..

tonjol2 kepale orang..
pijak2 badan orang..
saying..'kaw ni besar ah..'
saying not-so-good things about d people dey love..
things that makes people near to u hurt d most..

tak give n take..
nak take giving..

things that i kept for a long time..
hurt, annoyed, embarassment..
all in 1..

one day..
burst out..
maybe at d wrong place at d wrong time..
d limit come to an end..

giving in too much..
and thats enuff..

for me..
i play by d game..
kalaw org bayek ngan kite..
kite bayek ngan org..
kalaw org bole lebey kurang ngan kite..
kte pon ble lebey kurang ngan org..
kalaw org ta berkire ngan kite
kite pon ta berkire ngan org..
kalaw org ckp elok2 ngan kte..kte elok2 ngan org..
nak tegur pon say nicely..nak condemn pon put it in a nice word..
kalaw org teriak tempelak ngan kite..
kalaw org wat taik ngan kite..
den paham2 la kan..

people respect us..
a thousand mo respect we give in return..

but everyone has a limit..

focus on d papers...

starting 6th d war begins!

watchout examhall watchout dtc!

work ur ass off athirah!

go go!

*da 2 hr ta gi gym..tonite na gi uma efie..for sleepover..and tomorro..a bz bz couzin hse kak kerry..and open hse didie....sunday plak balek uma..mama wat makan2 2nd round..for mama n papa's frens..and plus my fren bolognese..and laksa johore!..yeah~..
and for sure im gaining back a few pounds but by monday!..flushing away d fats off..must!*


::KhaiRiyaH::KeRry:: said...

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..GO GO IRAHHHHHHHHHH! pat2 kasi twon bewat.. t mesti irah laaaaaaaaaaaaaagi gorgeous..kan kan kannnnnn..
nway,sape yg condem2 irah gitu????meh nak ketok2 smpi msk lam tanah pastu timbus dgn simen! biaq die terkepit kat situ smpi bila2..
nway.LAKSA JOHOR???????tak jempot pownnn..huwaaaaaaa ;(

a.z.r.i.n.a said...

hello bebeh..
the war begins @5th!!

a thirah i m said...

me to kak kerry:
hhahhaha..adela kak...
but i just had enuff..
if other people na bersabar..its up to dem..
i did my part..but i just had enuff..
atleast now..who-ever d person is noe dier limit..bukan pijak sesuka ati..kutuk depan muke kite sesuka ati..
i like it dat way..hahaha..

tadi da jempot kann...*kat uma akak tadi*
dtg ea dtg ea..!

me to ina:
na..bukan 6th ke microb na..
slip exam says 5th ea??

a.z.r.i.n.a said...

hehe, ye la gadis..5hb.