Friday, October 10, 2008

go 10 on 30

s told befo..i found dis 1 huge card yg kiyot..
so i bot it utk emi.
on d 9th, went to 12th col n had lunch with efi, didie. jermen n moonir..
den kak atiq came n joined us crapping..n laughing and makan buah-ing..
den me, efie n jermen went to midval s i na print gmbar at Harvey's
den gi carik kek..n i found a small cute cake kat bread story..
balek2 kemas2 sket..n emi suda sampai..
we headed to cineleisure sbb die na bayo utang janji mamma mia..

i was like singing2 all d way..
n emi..menguap je all d way..
pegi toilet sampai 10 minit..heesh~
so not pierce kiyot!
ehehe~ for a change die jadi chumey2 nyanyi2 chamtu..hee~

s i handed d card n d cake itu..
die pon teros melompat2 gembire sepeti..ta la lompat dlm keta kot..
hes happy..n me too.
im glad u like it..
on the card written..
the Top 10 Reasons why you're such a Special Person

10. You've got patience (checked)
9. You've got kindness (checked)
8. You've got personality (checked)
7. You've got humor (double checked)
6. You've got understanding (checked)
5. You've got intelligence (checked)
4. You've got great looks (checked)
3. You've got a wonderful smile (checked)
2. You've got character (checked)
and the NO.1 reason you're a special person.. love me !
(and i love you back !)

n i read a poem dat i wrote inside d card.
it goes like this..

Dear God, I know it's been a while
My life has been such a mess
I have not been able to smile
Because I was so depressed

But my pain is starting to ease
And my wounds are healing
Inside I feel this sudden peace
And I just love this new feeling

I think I might be in love
With some one that i know
He is all I ever think of
And I cannot let him go

I dream of him when I asleep
I think about him all day long
He is in my heart so deep
With every single love song

He feels the same about me
He told me so this morning
God I thank you so much
and he took my heart without warning

I am so happy I could cry
I am feeling completely whole
I no longer think about suicide
Because...he has changed my soul




kerell said...

thank u sayang!!!!

a thirah i m said...

ure most welcome!!

ღSweet Kerryღ said...

nak jugakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

iAmeFie said...

ku cemburu~

a thirah i m said...

me to kak kerry:
bole bole..

me to efie:
mintak la alphabet yg disayangi..~