Saturday, July 12, 2008

swing d stick!


supposely got class ta de..start on 15th..
so me n ereen..naek WAREL..went to 12th col n tapa0 fo0d..
balek uma..makan ramai2..
n den maseng2 pg bilek maseng2..
ereen = tido
wina n nurul = class
..n me..= bored to death!!

dok je la kat internet which i oso dunno what to do da dgn internet ni..
selain tengok southpark je..

den mlm..
had dinner roti breadstory..*pesan wina she went to mid dat afternnon*

after maghrib went off to stadium hockey pantai *tepi UM* tuw..
game biase2 je..
alumni SERATAS *its Sains Raja Tun Azlan Shah if u guys were wondering*

mirnawan was playing..

saje je teman wina..
coz i sgt boringgg kt umaaa~.
*emo emo*..ahahhaha~

its been quite a while since i pg tgk game2 ni..
dlu selalu la tgk game2..dtg2 support org..
*wina teringin..buat air..bwk towel..cheer2..for d love ones*..
hah! la~..
been there done that...and!..
ive been to various games and supported my frens..
so it's my fes tyme..yeay!

den after d game lepak @ ALI CAFE
with ex-scoolmate wina~
...emma (aloi's gurl)
n another guy which i couldnt recall d name..sowiee~

had ABC and wina had mee hoon goreng..

den balek uma...
berfoya2 jap..

thanks wina coz bg saye menyibok ehehhe!

1 comment:

wInAwIn said...

so much welcome... happy sgt kamu tag along =D
naseb baek kamu tak bowing..
hrmm..nak tgk no 8 LHDN maen lagik ;p