Tuesday, July 15, 2008

cheEr Up!

setelah ketensionan coz smlm ta dpt gi Bon Odori..!
efie ade hal.
jali plak tbe2 demam.
adli balek kamp0ng.
so stranded me alone kt umah PD.

so today
i repeat. supposely. planned to go the
CHEER 2008 @ bkt jalil.
with. si adli.
end up he ta sempat coz hes eventually still at d kamp0ng.
*hampe lagie*
tapi na jugak pegi!
so i texted ayap n mirza
*ayap=exscoolmate@SAKTI : : mirza=cosmates*
and so pegi ler ngan mamat2 tu.
took trains to bkt jalil.
smpi2 ramai nye org..
and d thing was..sgt best..
mirza smpi nganga n mate ta kelip2....i have to tutopkan mulut die...hahahaha..*joking*
well...watching short skirts flying in d air..mane ta nganga budak2 ni..hahaha
tu kalaw napie ade..lagi la..selamat~..ahahhahaa
and later gf ayap came..met salwa a.k.a wawa..
a pweety petite nice gal. . hehe~. .

waited till d results are out.
watch Adam performed. *wasnt big fan of his sgt. huhu. but ok la*

heres the result for CHEER2008!

Champion: Shirtlift - SBU
1st runner-up: Dynamitez
2nd runner-up: Stunners All-Boys (yay!) -Sri KDU
4th place: Titans

5th place: Xavier - CBN

Best make-up: Titans
Teacher of the year: SMK Bandar Sri Damansara 1
Best supporters: Xavier
Best dress: Sparklerz
Best newcomer: Pirates
Galaxie Best Cheer Award: Vibrant
Silkygirl Merit Award: Shirtliff
Best showmanship award: Shirtliff

congratulations to all!

and after d event.
shoot off to wawa's place
and eat2...
had dinner and durians.
and den pas maghrib shoot off back to UM.

i went back.
and 11++ went for muvie with adli.
watched Hellboy 2 . sedey missed kungfu panda lagie.
sob. sob. sob.
but the muvie was okay tho. funny. ade la jugak part wer i larf like hell2.
and i have to check up on adli if he was zZzZz.
naseb mate bukak lagi.

out from d muvie.
muke maseng2 da macam zombie.
sent me back.
and i dozed off like 15 minutes later.

end of story.


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