Saturday, November 22, 2008

meet the family~

went to meet d family..
i mean emi's family..
pas exam..amek barang @ maksu's
den straight to semenyih..
sampai2..makan2..den tido..
bgn siap2..

dat day is d fes time im gonna meet d family...
well technically its d 2nd time..
but d fes time was d wedding..
so ta kire la...mase tu ta beramah mesra..wuhoo..

but tonite..
we're gonna watch
den dinner..
with abahnye..mamanye..and adiknye..

we arrived late..
really at 7.45 supposedly..@ cineleisure..
but thanks to me..sampai lambat..!
memang da kene monyok da dlm keta..wuwuwuw..
den dinner kenny @ d curve..

d nerves...crazy!...
fes time gonna meet d family..
'd' family...
sme baju pakai tak kene..
bape kali tukar baju..

but everything went fine..
mama abah sgt best..
abah gave me some advice on d interviewing part...
as abah HR kan..interview berjuta2 da kot..
and when abah said..
'anything call me eh'
i was like wuhoooooooo!...

sgt relief da jumpe abah n mama...

thank u yayang!

i love you!...

p/s: ta snap any pics...too nervous i guess..ehehe!

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