Saturday, November 15, 2008


1 je lagi thira..1 je lagi..
6 gone..1 to go...
-biostat-->double sucks..
-itali-->triple sucks..

and on going..biomole..which a repeat paper..n super stressfull....

ta pe one more to go..

im currently...peeping thru jobstreets..finding a job..
hold resume's..
and reading thru...dos n donts in interviews.. stepping into a new world of mine..honestly speaking..its kinda freaking me out..

but im starting to be a grown up..i admit..aku badan je besar..tapi otak what papa always said to me..

common athirah!
work ur ass off..!


today na gi tgk if i can get myself sumthing...helping thru this..i need to practice to converse in english..working on my communication skills...interviews..uhukuhuk...dayang been helping me out so far...kak d juge...i definitely have to work on that one fes...yup!...

any idea guys? a name of a book maybe?

athirah's gonna get a job..yes she will..!

fingers crossed !

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SJ said...

hi tira, look for books on interview tips n make sure ada sample questions. Practice on answering the questions with ur family/friends.
IMO, i cannot get enough guidance online. Books are still the best resource. MPH and Borders rock! Hihi semoga berjaya!