Wednesday, February 20, 2008

fams and frens~


went out with aunty nah and abg sunny..
abg sunny had his late lunch @ TGIs..
while me and aunty just ordered 2 kinda appettizer..
as we ordy ate back in aunty nah's place..huhuhu~
kalaw taw na makan fridays ta le akuw makan siap2 tadi..

den we went aunty nahs wanted to find a red outfit for tomorrow..
brunch plus poco2 at umah datin ape ntah name die..huhu~
hunting for hers..but instead get one fo me..hahah..
and i lorve it..
sgt2 suke ituw baju..
and gez what..she bought it fo me..and its need to mention d actual price lah kan..
i lorve her sooo damn much....

she bot fo herself a tube..
abg sunny bot his hair gel aaaannndd...
a hotel dubai's limited lounge musics..
gile best okayyy...
he was goin thru a stack of cafe del mar..and damn it sounds nice..
but i think he manage to find dat dubai's musics..and grabbed it..dont even ask about d price lah kan..
but i tell worth every cent..huhuh..
abg sunny..naaa pinjamm...hukhukhukk

and den we bot nougat~~..
my fave..well actually me n aunty nah's fave..
just imagine 7 biji 14hengget plus plus..
gile cekik darah punye mahal..
huhuh...nasib sedap..

and we bot sushi and dat Gion bread kat tepi JJ tuh..
sedap giler okay..hohoo~

but dat nite after all..
apek,jerman and epair came and pick me up..
went to i wanted to buy a tube to go with my new red outfit..heheee...
d boys waited for drama queen to shop..muahahha~
padan muke korang!!

we went fo bola2 at some mamak at permaisuri..
and met pijan..and his fren germ or jem..i dunno how to spell ur name beb..huhu.....not forgetting shafiq..ok full stop..huhu..nuthing further to be said...huhuhu..

and pijan ate 1 of my nougat..
siap hbs kan..cheh...

back from bola.
slept like logs..huhu~


lorve ya bro..

giant chocalates...naaaa~


well..its a wait fo shop women..muahaha..

gothic milo..

na na na~~~


;) said...

knew it.. takde 1 pon ur entry yg takcite psl mkn.. beb, u realise or not, ur leher is already as big as ur bdn ok..tu pon tanak benti2 mkn ke? save some of ur $ for ur anak sedare k..i expect a lot from u beb!!

lisaOlisut said...

gosh cik tira..u ade poser and sore loser di situ. gagagaga. aku benci poser n loser! enough said.

Sheila said...

ged ged .
ade loser kat blog u .
tp buat bodo je .
da penat diyam la tuwh .
org mcm tu tatawu la bile nk pupus yeh .