Sunday, July 5, 2009


ive already started the buddy session here in Capsquare.
for 10 days we are on buddy..every each of us are assign to a mentor is sooo indian guy..
for the 1st 2 days..we totally on listening mode..listen to the calls that our mentor will pick up..observe how he handle the call and the system..
then another 2 days..its 50-50 pick up call..
5th day and so..100% we pick up..and mentor just observe..and then..we are on our own..
and tomorrow is my 4th day..and my shift starts at 3pm till 12am..
yup der goes my nite life..hahaha!

i was really busy in adjusting and adapting to the environment and the routines..and also the shift!
but above all..i must have fun..i must!..

whatever it is..ive learn..for the 1 and half months training..
everything's gonna be OK!.

positive! + !

law of attraction!


yesterday was my first day answering call.. was nerve wrecking i tell u!.

first call i an indian old man..
4 requests he did..and at the end of the call..i said..'ada apa lagi saya bole bantu Encik Panner?' ..he said..'ta da apa..awak suda banyak bantu..terima kasih ya'..and god it feels nice!..atleast for d 1st call..heheheh~

2nd call quite tough tho..but its mentor said i did a good job handling well done athirah!..

and there's one call...i had already sort out his problem..and towards the end..he said..'nama sape ni.?'..and i said "Athirah cik"...and he asked..'dah kawin belom ni?' and he laugh..!..someone at the back end shouted..'amek num die!' mentor and me gave that 'huh' look!..and we laugh..nasib baik i sempat tekan mute!..hahahaah!...and i said.'maaf, ada apa lagi saya bole bantu en nasaruddin?'...dalam ati aku ni..pakcik tolong la letak..!..(we cant actual end call unless customer yang hang up)..he answer. "ta da ape la..tapi kalaw ade ape2 saye call awk lagi ye athirah'..and i quickly said. 'terima kasih kerana menghubungi astro'...and he laugh2 and hung n my mentor menghela nafas gatal!

i tink the work is basically ok la...the environment was great..and nicest people around...pagi2 ta banyak call sangat..malam baru banyak..since orang balik kerja and want to enjoy the astro la konon2 nya..

but sometimes i can see some CSE yang muke cam tempe..monyok je...maybe they had a tough one..huhuhu~...

tape..ape2 pon..pikir hujung bulan je..where you can see the 4 digits flashes on the ATM screen..and der goes KACHINNNNGG!..
and if u did well..despite the so call TOUGH customers..u may see the num 3 starts the 4 digits.. every month!....wuhoooooo!!..

so athirah kene kerja kuat!..

life aint easy rite..?!

yesterday suda sign the appointed officially in astro@work..


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[ - ] xtionkamen / ﺈﻴﻛﺸﻦ ﮐﺂﻤﻳﻦ said...

hye..keje kt KLC ke?
i pun pnh keje kt KLC gk
i 2nd batch..mmg best training kt astro..skali ngn en reez, miss nimi,..buddy sesion cuak gile kan? leader masa buddy dl yg i plg suke arwah cici..u still keje kt KLC ke?

sng2 masuk la blog i..mybe kite blh jd kwn. ;)

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