Sunday, July 5, 2009

the masterpiece!

our final task of our training is to come up with a play and a magazine.
and i was elected to be the group leader and also the editor-in-chief for the magazine.

and so we came up with ZESTYME!
my team did a great job!..everyone did dier task very very well!..
everyone had already been assigned on specific topic..
while me myself covered all the pages below..

cover page
editorial page

editor's page!


.the final play page.

and the featured artist page.

and thats us!

all i want to say is..

thanks to sifu2 yang mengajar saya photoshop and publisher!!

im so very proud of the product and the teamwork!!..
good job guyssss!....!!!!

ps: na masok all the pages ta larat..56 pages..huhuhu~


a'a nazzirah said...

suit to u la thiera this job.
gud lak keyh!

a thirah i m said...

i loike fancy2 things..
thank aaa~