Wednesday, April 30, 2008

na chocolate..~

You Are A Chocolate Ice Cream Girl

Dramatic. Powerful. Flirty.

Dramatic?...well people do say im a drama queen..kan efie kan..ehhee!
Puwerful?...ehmm..tang mane yg powerful tu??..aha!

and i lorveee chocolates...
na! na! na!...

realistic girl?? ke...

You are Totally Realistic

"Romance" means you're about to roll your eyes

Seriously, you can do without the sap or drama

Save it for someone who has nothing really going on in their relationship

For you, love is real - and easily integrated into your life

You don't need candles, flowers, or chocolates to know he's the one

Just some stimulating conversation... and maybe a great smile.

some part of it are tru..'.Save it for someone who has nothing really going on in their relationship'-->true enuff i all my syg2 for a guy who is not in 'relationship' or 'not-so-ready for a relationship' or 'fooling-around-with-d-word-relationship'..kan?kan?,..ehe..learned my lesson..

'You don't need candles, flowers, or chocolates to know he's the one
Just some stimulating conversation... and maybe a great smile.' ---> true true sgt d way he look at us...always be there fo us....and treat us d best he can..cukup dah..

but i do like romatics and surprises..ehe...
surprise me!surprise me!..

lorve lorve my syg sha n mai..

Saturday, April 26, 2008

we misch u so much...sha~yang

i misch u so so so dem much..shayang...
mish ie sangat2..
rase mcm na nangis...
u n mai were always der fo me...
not like sum *** which i thot were my frens tp blkng pk buruk pasal kte kan?..

i dont think i olredy find one decent guy...huhu..i thot i did..but... gez i dont..huhu..
but its ok..
i knoe ill find 1 1 day..
with prayers from u gurls who always wants me to be happy..
and i am..with or without a m.a.l.e..
but without u both...i m sure not...hukhuk...

i got to do my practical kat institute of public health...@bangsar
with ain kecik, ain tinggi, wina and mok..
tp wina na wat kt tmpt lain rase incomplete sorng..hukhuk..
mok is d only guy...bisa memghiburkan hati kami...hehee...

lekas2 pulang deyh...
missing u loike hell~
so much story to tell...

yang yang..
antie balik bwk kasot byk2 taw..
and bags...taw taw..eheee!
kasut my size same ngan mai..
wait wait...bukan kte 3 same size ke..
and sayang...kalaw ader chowok2 ganteng ala2 nicho saputra bwk pulang sekali deh ya...

god we mish u soo much...
ta sabar2 kamu pulang..
antie kte star gazing..with a huge bowl of laici..huge cup of Dasz...chips...and a whole nite of talking and giggling..
uh uh and plus! climbing...sama2 ya..
and GUYS allowed..
ckp itu sama zaem and jep..ahahha..
i no hal..ta de yang akan mengekor..eheee!

lekas2 pulang deh ya..
hope ure okkay der ayang.
be happy always ya...
remember we love u sooo much...

lots of love..
from d both of us

tra mai!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

tesco marketing+shopping+dinner treat..

a family day out...
went out for shopping..
marketing at tesco...
and dinner @ D'Tree steak house..

ha pe tu ape tu..
2 lil chipmunks and bapak chipmunk

afiq mmg pembuli..dan yang..mangsa pembuli..dan pembulian tlh berlaku..

message ta too..ahaha...

till later...

thesis submit+MV+MUrni...d smell of a freedom has begun...

thesis anta suda..
and den went off to MV fo makan2...and picked up abg ewan..
with didie and efie..efie drove..
den pulang ke UM..
pick up Taza..
and didi pla drive...
went to her crib @ taman permata...
efie,taza and abg ewan da membute kat blkng..
from didi's place..went fo another makan2 session @ Murni...
but me n taza hadnt order any food..
just teh o suam 1,,ehehe
and den antar taza pulang...and we shoot of to uptown damansara...
den...pulang2....back to UM..
and slept lik logs..ahaha...

fashion show...suke2...

another chubby,,chubbier...chubbiest..

ha makan!makan!!!..


till later folks...


Monday, April 21, 2008

a day after viva..27 dresses!

oleh kerana..
yesterday ta dpt tgk 27dresses..
dan oleh kerana mengade jugak nak tgk jgk!na jgk!..
maka gadis2 berbaju kurung..(tp hrni ta da la bju kurung)..tlh pg MV...ehe!
mengade kan...
so after banging our heads at comps at the thesis lab..we..went n catch d movie..ehe!
pics pics pics!

wina kui2..shes d geishayu..hahhaha...still in baju kurung..ehe!

ereen poyo..!
okkay ni chomel..ehe!
chubby lil creatures..ehee..


huuu..sgt suke na na....yaannng na..ehe!

we took pics like no ones bussiness...
tgah2 d toilet..almost everywhere...
and we help nurul get her dinner dress @ Tangoo..
ehehe!..chantek2..sure u look all gltiz n glamour gurl..ehe!

olrite till later!


Friday, April 11, 2008

after VIVA..mcm dah hbs thesis je..mengade!

after viva
@ ikea +ikano+the curve+cineleisure
pergi makan2 dan konon2 na tgk 27 dresses...
tp tiket @ 7.40..hmm ta payah la...huhu...
we end up..makan2 @ KLuang station..
and ereen shop for shades..
and hunt for nurul's dinner dress..
but hampa..
ta jumpe pown yg berkenan....huhu..
4 gadis berbaju kurung..yikes.,
me and ereen pakai hills babe..muahahha...
tp pastuh sakit kaki..
lalu membeli seliper lovey dovey chomey...
mmg frenship forever ah babe..muahahhaha...

d driver...ehe!
ereen jeles akuw lagi chomey..

ereen mak kepoh..cebok je..


ha makan!

shades mak datin baru ereen...

too bad ika and ain cant tag along..
it would be much much more fun...
thesis on the go..
lorve ya!
*ni baru hbs viva...hbs thesis sme ta taw la enjoy die chamner..
ehe...!..but we gurls sure gonna have a full blast fun aite gurls????

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


my turn! my turn!..
nervous breakdown..uhuk!
take a deeeep breathh...
on ure mark..gets se..GO!..

everything went so well for me..
dr rizman and pn sorayya wasnt dat hard on me..ehe!
yeayyy sumoree!
menghela nafas yang sangaaaaat panjang...(ayat cerpen wina)
ehehe! goes d 2nd day of viva pics..

muke puas..ehe!..yeayyy!...1 more freedom!..

muke takowt ereen..muahahahha..(gelak evil)

ereen ngan co-supervisor halijah..and eventually she declared me her dayang..coz men'serve' her food..yikess.!..ehe...

*baju i ngan ereen came..colour je laen..tapi aku nye lagi chantek ereenn...ahahha!

suke pic ni..cham cool...ehe!..

go go ereen..!
pui ying..n wei wei...good luck gurls!..

muke napie takot..eheee!

lagi satu mamat pakai kemeja..satu kampong bley nangis woo...ehe!

xi Ming.. leng chai..ehe!..

baju kami same..ehe!..frenship forever ah..gileh..ahahahha...

everything went well...
and coolnesS~
1 more freedom
another 3 to go..



hiphip hooorayyy!...

thesis on the go..

keep smiling...