Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1 large coffee please.!

yup again i disappear..

my 1 week mid term break
i stayed home..
nope..no net connection..
and half of the week i stayed at my rent hse..
yup..ereen-si-pompuan-gile-emo-drama telah bwk sekali modem..
so..no net conn jugak..!

this week starts with
menyiapkan ass-i-ments..
kerana athirah yang bengong..tak buwat mase cuti..
kerana mase bercuti...athirah really2 bercuti..
itulah keje athirah..
so now kelam kabot wat ass-i-ment..
yes which me d lazy ass...hahhaha..

as im posting this..
im @ McD bangsar *as call as McDollah by agang*
i woke up early around 7 and tros shoot of to here..
finishing off what had left undone on my microb lab report..
lukis2 like numbers of viruses..
dem dem..
yup..im alone ere okkay..
n i just felt like..
i was in d good old days..pg mcD bangsar n spend max 10 to 12 hours..
doing my thesis here..tgk bola..
sumtimes alone..with excellent wireless connection..and sumtimes di temani..
efie. jermen. azmi. and budak2 sengal yg tgk bola bising2 n emo2 but at the end of d day jadi geng cos dey oso f*** MU..ngangnanga..sorry red fans..-->o gosh gez sombody's face turned red..hahahha..
with a cup of large black coffee yg di refill brape kali..
large fries OR 6 pieces of nuggets..OR sumtimes chicken mcdeluxe *only when im superstarving..*finger-crossed behind* ..and it OR okkay..hehehe

smbil2 tu webby with my lil brotha..and shanaz syg..
der r days where i went out in d middle of d nite like 2 am..
drove alone to ere..spend d rest of d nite here..siapkan dat piece of crap..
mase tu ta ingt bahaye ke ape ke..
and no one to put a say on me pon..

huhu..der goes..McDollah bangsar sgt berjase pada saye..

now s fo my *insyallah* final sem..
mari menghabiskan sisa2 wat ass-i-ments @ mcDollah bangsar..

ok dah!
sambung melukes!
toodles folks..


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iAmeFie said...

windu nk lepak kt McD bangsar!!